This Month in GIF [September 2011]

Now that the autumn is upon us, and ROTI is emerging from our summer slumber, it’s time for another edition of This Month in GIF.

This month’s committee features submissions from our GIFLord, C. Dave, and a cameo from the Bonomatory Influence. As always, we give thanks to the often-anonymous people around the Internet who create this genius. It’s truly inspiring stuff.

Start your engines.

Bachmann Looming

You know it in your heart to be true…

Jason, Marquis de Sade

It’s past my bedtime.

“I’m fixing to cut a bitch.”

Doghump Drama

“This Pleases Me”

The Last Exerciseball Battle

From the Closet of the Coolest Guy Ever

Three Badd Bitches of the 90s

A quick side note here. One of the interesting things about running this site is that I never know when one of the backlog of ROTI posts will be discovered by somebody’s Google search and spread to new realms of the Internet.

For instance, earlier this week a Glee discussion board crew specifically dedicated to investigating a potential secret lesbian relationship between cast members Heather Morris and Naya Rivera found an old ROTI post that contained video of Heather Morris doing the damn thing as a backup dancer. They went nuts over the video, and even made GIFs from it. Here’s my favorite.

One more badd bitch I want to give props to…Regina George!

When this shows up in your nightmares, try to remember that it’s just Tim Curry playing a character!! It’s not real!! Just keep repeating that.

Best Reaction Shot in Recent Memory (thanks BI)

The Magic Buttbus starring Butt Midler

Two Delightful Ladies

Annals of Gunplay I

Annals of Gunplay II

Bickle’s Liquid Courage

How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?

About Alpine McGregor
Just like you, man. I got the shotgun, you got the briefcase. All in the game, though, right?

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