“Hobo Christmas” and the Genius of jeebus

I’m pleased to report that not only does my favorite Internet comedy posse, jeebus, have a new video out — they have just debuted one of the greatest Christmas songs ever written. Or should I say, resurrected it?

Wait, you really don’t remember that time back in the 80s (or was it 90s?) when all those famous stars got together to record “Hobo Christmas”?! I’m sure this video will jog your memory!

I officially have a new favorite Christmas song.

If this is your first time experiencing the magic of jeebus, then I have a real treat for you today.

jeebus is a web-based comedy crew led by Neil Hopkins (best known for playing Liam Pace on Lost) and John Forest (who recently drew praise from both ROTI for his work in Wanting Alex and Patton Oswalt for his work in Young Adult). Hopkins usually portrays the bewildered straight man, and Forest is the irreverent, maniacal comic relief; but as their efforts have continued, these roles have broadened amusingly. Each episode usually features a guest star turning in a superb performance.

Pretty much every video they have done is riotously weird, and is guaranteed to crack you up. Unless you’re a real elderly librarian sourpuss, you’re gonna love this.

“The Text”

“Don’t tell me to hurry. Then I’ll just hear your voice, telling me to hurry. It’s gonna take longer…”

In the dudes’ debut video, John summons Neil to his apartment with an urgent and mysterious text message. Confusion and tragedy quickly ensues.

“The Bike”

“What about….going halfsies?”

John gets Neil to take him bike shopping, then proceeds to infuriate his chauffeur beyond all reason. (Check this one out at Funny or Die.)


“My wife is retarded. She just told me today. I’ve been married to her for eight years.”

John and his locksmith friend Nate (played by Nate Corddry of Studio 60 and The Daily Show) break into Neil’s apartment to watch the World Cup. After Neil is compelled to let his uninvited guests watch FIFA, it turns out that Nate is a full-blown psycho and the guys are forced to defend themselves with whatever weapons are at hand. (Watch this one at Funny or Die.)

“Hot Dawg!”

“They were younger, by a lot of years, but there were a lot of them. And they were strong.”

Neil and John head to a Ween concert, but John quickly puts a wrinkle in their plans when he decides it would be more fun if his AA friend Ptolemy (Ptolemy Slocum, the guy McNulty framed for the serial killings in The Wire) came along for the trip. After John unspools Ptolemy’ horrifying past to Neil, he decides it would be downright cruel to refuse, only to find the decision’s already been made for him. (Watch this one at Funny or Die.)

“Born Free”

“And this is going to be my meditation dojo slash wine cellar.” “Slash rape room?”

John invites Neil over to his new place, but they are attacked by a feral child (the brilliant Will Greenberg). They manage to stun the wild beast, but soon imagine him as a proxy for their dreams. Neil fantasizes about bringing greater justice and understanding to the world, while John simply wants to live out the plot of every single 1980s Tom Cruise movie. The greenscreen work in this video is beyond outstanding.

“Hipster Detail: The Donut”

“Brunch used to be a treat. A sometime thing. These hipsters…they make it an anytime thing! They’re tearing at the very fabric of society!”

I particularly love this one because it stretches the definition of what a jeebus video can be. Hard-boiled Detective Frank Cavanaugh (Greenberg again, even better this time) is determined to hunt down and eradicate the menace that is hipsters. But when his partner procures a evil hipster foodstuff, he’s disturbingly attracted to the dark side of humanity. (Check it out on Funny or Die.)

If you don’t appreciate the comedy of jeebus, then I don’t want to know you. Begone from my sight!

The rest of you…let’s just watch “Hobo Christmas” again, shall we? Pass the mistletoe and let’s ride the sleigh!

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  1. GoGoMrPoPo says:

    Did you know this existed?


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