FOTI #2: What’s Your Blood Meridian Dating Style?

Fortnight on the Internets returns with our second episode!

In this episode, Alpine and Alison discuss the sadness behind March Madness, the magic of Peter Pan’s Home Page, the growing ambitions of, and a video of a young Nine Inch Nails performing on Dance Party USA.

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Special thanks to Turquoise Jeep Records for giving us permission to use their amazing music on this podcast. Keep the Jeep Ridin’ and follow them on Twitter! Their brilliant work includes “Why I Gotta Wait,” “Sex Syrup,” and “Lemme Smang It,” which was discussed in detail in an earlier ROTI post.

Flynt Flossy, known across the nation. Smash and bang is his favorite combination.

As always, thanks to Snowplows for the kickass theme. Buy that rad track plus a dope B-side for pocket change!

Links for this episode:

Report Card

A small child channels the anguish of March Madness when he weeps about the impending graduation of his favorite player.

Georgetown introduces its new puppy mascot — and reminds Alison of the cruel march of time.

What’s your Mad Men dating style? Not weird enough of a question for you? Well then, how about your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle dating style?

The Composites — literary characters brought to life with creepy police sketch software…

Screenshots of Despair, a website that meditates upon the loneliness and alienation of social media.

Nine Inch Nails performs on Dance Party USA, circa 1991.

Internet Challenge Surprise!

Alpine: Girls are Pretty

Alison: What Should We Call Me Makes Its Move

Here’s an article about the ambitions of Buzzfeed to take on HuffPo/Newsbeast/Gawker that details some of the site’s big-name hires. Has Buzzfeed hired anyone new today?

But if you prefer the site’s more traditional content, here’s 25 celebrities that look like mattresses.

Time Machine, also known as Peter Pan’s Home Page. The webzone of one Randy Constan, which has to be seen to be believed. Mock if you will, but the man fearlessly used the Internet to transcend society’s jibes, find his Tinkerbell and have a fairy tale wedding…

Also, I tracked down an archive of Vicious Rumors’ old Geocities site featuring the character Mitch Hardy.

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Thanks for listening!

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Just like you, man. I got the shotgun, you got the briefcase. All in the game, though, right?

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