This Month in GIF [Summer of GIF 2012]

This Month in GIF returns!

In keeping with our usual warm-weather laziness, this is the special (ie. long overdue) summer edition; thanks for your patience. For you GIF junkies out there who need a fix on a daily basis, may I recommend smash hit Tumblrs like WhatShouldWeCallMe, GIF Movie, Little Plastic Things and Reality TVGIFs, all of whom are represented in this collection. Top GIFsman C. Dave and I also pulled nominees from a wide variety of aggregators, message boards, etc.

OK, enough chitchat, it’s GIF time!


On a related note, the Knight of Flowers endorses Revlon.

Kitty Hugs > All Other Hugs

Pikachu knows where to find the best dance jams.

Michelle Tanner Tellin’ You Off

Where will YOU be when it strikes?

A GIF Tribute to the NBA Postseason

Bogie: the Original Facepalmer

C3PO trained him too well…

Anyone want a Dieseldog?

Tinky Winky celebrates marriage equality:

C. Dave’s Cruel Prank Zone!

Who’s excited for Olympic schadenfraude?

Kim Kardashian: Mentor

Huh, I’d have pegged Hulk as the weed-smoking Avenger.

A Shot to the Forecourt

Bob Fosse. This compilation of moves from the genius choreographer/director’s appearance in The Little Prince (1974!!!!) is excerpted from a brilliant GIF Movie post. His accomplishments during his lifetime were amazing enough, but after his death he still managed to serve as inspiration for most of Michael Jackson’s repertoire, provide the famous moves in “Single Ladies,” and leave behind a monument of many frequently-revived shows like recent Oscar-winner Chicago. FOSSE y’all! Better recognize.

Time to wrap up TMIGIF…

It’s true.

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