FOTI #9: A Conversation With Genuine Ken

Hey y’all! FOTI returns, right on schedule…

On today’s episode, we rate the viral videos “A Conversation with my 12 Year Old Self” and Cookie Monster’s take on “Call Me Maybe,” and we discuss the rise of webseries from independent, low-budget productions to shows that are nearly ready for prime time — well, in some cases. We have amazing music on this show from Japandroids, and an action-packed fortnight of stuff to discuss!

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We’ve continued our tradition of leaking out the topics on our @FOTIpod Twitter account before the show is posted, so you can check out all the sites and links before you hear the discussion, if being fully-informed is your thing.

To the links! The tweets we posted last night are below — plus bonus links.

Indeed, more amazing items that did NOT make the cut included these amazingly bad photos of Olympians that went viral, the Jaime Lannister vs. Ned Stark lightsaber battle (thanks Liker Ryan!), and “Elders React to Dubstep.”

Report Card

Who doesn’t wish they’d had this idea 20 years ago and the wherewithal to bring it to fruition today? Here’s an informative interview with Jeremiah McDonald by Shira Lazar for HuffPo that sheds light on some of the intended and unintended elements of this viral smash.

It doesn’t exactly measure up to “I’m Elmo and I Know It.” And what do you guys think of this new Cookie Monster voice? No doubt he’s a highly talented puppeteer, but for us David Rudman will never totally replace Frank Oz’s legendary timbre.

HOBOKENITES! Do you know Alyssa and her ex-boyfriend? If so, you’ll enjoy this tragically failing website even more than we did.

Our Musical Guest

We’re so fired up that Japandroids is our featured musical act for the fortnight!

A Vancouver band composed of Brian King on guitar and vocals and David Prowse (not to be confused with the guy who played Darth Vader) on drums and vocals. They each had a really strong idea of what to name the band — Prowse wanted Japanese Scream and King wanted Pleasure Droids, so they compromised with Japandroids. After a few years of struggle they’d basically made the decision to break up until discovered their amazing music and started hyping them; overnight they gained thousands of new fans.

Their new record, Celebration Rock, reflects their triumphant experiences since then, touring in front of fired-up North American crowds. Maybe the best album of the summer so far — it rules.

Buy Celebration Rock before the summer ends, you won’t regret it. European listeners (all 12 of you), buy your concert tickets now — they’re on the Grand Tour!

Internet Challenge Surprise

Whoop Whoop MMFWCL! Do you believe that wicked clowns never die? Then this Tumblr might lead you to your future soulmate. Huge thanks to Liker Carrie for passing this along.

Alison’s future husband takes us on a magical journey through rock history…

Webseries: Almost Ready for Prime Time

In this episode, we go deep into the history of webseries, from pioneers like Red vs. Blue, to out-of-nowhere Youtube successes like Lonelygirl15, to Hollywood side projects like Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. After twenty years of development in this medium, what works and what doesn’t? Alison breaks it down with an insider’s wisdom.

We give praise to our favorite recent webseries, packed with stars and veterans of The State and Party Down — but also read a critical review from Liker Jeff, who thought it went off the rails toward the end.

This Mattel-driven disaster is ripe for mockery, and we relay savage commentary from reality TV expert and Liker Rowdy Rob.

If you’re a fan of tasty webseries, you should check out the work of Neil and John (aka jeebus) and the show we serialized on ROTI last summer, A God Named Pablo.

Shoutout to the Likers

Items we really appreciated getting from our Likers this Fortnight included:

  • Liker Aaron posted this video conclusively demonstrating that Marty McFly did NOT travel to 2012. Don’t believe the hoaxes that emerge daily on this theme. Cool your heels until 2015!
  • Liker Neil Hopkins condemned the Tumblr Parents on Phones, saying, “Haha. Neglect my arse. Hard for me to judge a parent who takes their kid to a park when they could pay a nanny to do it. And without smart phones a lot of those parents would prob have to be in an office somewhere. I wanna see the pics of all the tweens and teens on their phones and computers ignoring their needy parents for seven years. I’d be willing to bet that most if not all these pics were snapped by other judgemental parents who were apparently using their iphones at the playground, too… at least three of them were mine. “
  • Liker Neil C submitted this amazing video, Bill Clinton Plays M83.

Thanks for listening! We’ll be back in 2 weeks with Episode 10!

Theme song by Snowplows.
Cover art by Vicious Rumors.
Special thanks to Dana Erickson and 230 Publicity for musical assistance!

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