FOTI #13: DMX vs. Collective Soul Cat

Butterfly in the sky? FOTI can go twice as high!

In this episode of Fortnight on the Internets, Alpine and Alison go deep into the meme-generating moments and social media aspects of the 2012 presidential election. We’ve got a dance card packed with gems: 80s television moments remixed 2+ decades later, little kids reviewing indie rock and inspiring us to be our best selves, and another highly viral GIF-based Tumblr. All this, culminating in the appearance of Collective Soul Cat. With music by the great Australian indie pop act San Cisco!

Four ways to listen:

If you subscribe or become a Liker, you’ll be able to get to new episodes faster than everyone else (in this case, the episode was pre-released last night). We’ve also continued our tradition of leaking out the topics on our @FOTIpod Twitter account before the blog post goes up, so you can check out all the sites and links before you hear the discussion, if being fully-informed is your thing.

To the links! The tweets we posted last night are below — plus bonus links.

When word hits Twitter that two of FOTI’s favorite comics are feudin’, Alison becomes concerned and Alpine gets excited. But close reading and detective work by the intrepid FOTI team determined that this alleged fistfight never actually happened. On the plus side, we can probably count on seeing Ken Marino on the new season of The League! Which, as Alpine blabs on about at length, you should all be watching.

Internet Report Card

This Tumblr was a big hit with our Likers. Everyone cann relate to the feeling of being left out as all your friends recklessly jump on board with some new trend, in this case the fad of joining their life to another’s! Although this site is fairly derivative of What Should We Call Me (covered way back in Episode 2), we still enjoyed it.

RIDE OR DIE. Pure brilliance.

From the crew that brought you Mr. Wizard’s a Dick, as covered in Episode 10, comes a new video that uses scenes from the near-flawless early years of The Cosby Show to critique the embarrassing, cliche- and Raven-Symone-filled late years of The Cosby Show.

Alpine and Alison have nothing but praise…until Rudy’s fat white friend Peter appears as a smoking gun that threatens to bring the whole house of cards crashing to the ground.

Our Musical Guest

HOW can you not love these guys? Alpine and Alison were utterly charmed. If you agree, and you’re in the NY, Minneapolis, or LA area…you can catch these guys on their first-ever American tour!

Plus, Alpine shares more than you ever really needed to know about transformations in the Boston radio scene.

Internet Challenge Surprise!

Good news! A new episode of Tough Critics has dropped, featuring the music of Regina Spektor, and the panel remains intact! If you enjoyed watching Elisabeth rip apart indie rockers as Will muses gently on their intentions and Onaje free-associates about their identities, check it out now.

This tiny genius is coming soon to morning shows and talk shows near you. Trust.

Stuffing the Ballot Box With Hashtags

Some of the topics we cover in this extensive roundup of all things political on the Internet as the 2012 election approaches:

It’s a TURNOUT ELECTION, people. Do swing voters even exist in the USA anymore? If they do, they don’t really live in swing states, as Nate Silver has explained.

Seriously, check out that last article for a really compelling portrait of a lost genius. If you can make your way through the gamerspeak, you’ll be rewarded.

Shoutout to the Likers!

This masterpiece is just the tip of the iceberg. Are you a Liker of our Facebook page? If not, you’re missing out on Jeni Sue Gems (TM), like this commercial for a small-city sushi joint, and many other great links!

Respect to some of the many Likers that brought the heat this past fortnight plus:

If you know someone who might appreciate FOTI, won’t you share it with them and make a new Liker?

Thanks for listening! We’ll be back in 2 weeks with Episode 14!

Theme song by Snowplows: Check out their four new songs on Bandcamp!
Cover art by Vicious Rumors.
Special thanks to Adam Lewis of Planetary Group and Bre Doyle of Secret Service for musical assistance!

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