#18: Snuggling with the Illuminati

Fortnight on the Internets is about to release some very important documents, as well as proof!

Our table is set for a post-Thanksgiving feast of internet delight! Alpine and Alison attack the recent NY Times article about the evils of irony, celebrate a daring bear cub rescue that has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook, and examine Tila Tequila’s claims on Youtube about alien conspiracies secretly ruling the earth. Featuring the triumphantly rocking return of the Brooklyn band Fort Lean and, as always, scads of fine finds from our Likers.

Four ways to listen:

If you subscribe or become a Liker, you’ll be able to get to new episodes faster than everyone else. We’ve also continued our tradition of leaking out the topics on our @FOTIpod Twitter account, where we often have fun interactions with the people and sites we talk about on the show. NEW MEDIA PARTY!

To the links! The tweets we posted earlier today are below — plus bonus links.

Here’s a passage we found especially baffling, although we had to cut it from the podcast due to time constraints…

Attempts to banish irony have come and gone in past decades. The loosely defined New Sincerity movements in the arts that have sprouted since the 1980s positioned themselves as responses to postmodern cynicism, detachment and meta-referentiality. (New Sincerity has recently been associated with the writing of David Foster Wallace, the films of Wes Anderson and the music of Cat Power.) But these attempts failed to stick, as evidenced by the new age of Deep Irony.

DFW, Wes Anderson and Cat Power all conquered by DEEP IRONY?! If you say so…

Internet Report Card

Here’s Tila’s allegedly conspiracy-revealing website. Good luck trying to figure any of THAT out. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go cash my CIA-issued Hater Paycheck.

Here’s that ABC News article Alpine mentioned about the thrilling rescue.

Download the great song by Tangerine Kitty.

And enjoy the GIFs…here are our favorites!

Here’s the Cookie Monster Cupcake Fail Alpine referenced…

Our Musical Guest

Brooklyn’s FORT LEAN returns for a magnificent second engagement! This time we’re playing songs from their outstanding new EP, Change Your Name.

It’s really, really good. Stay close with this band because they are truly on the rise; this is a killer set of songs not to be missed.

Or better yet, head to their site, stream some tracks, and then pick it up for the Cyber-Monday-esque price of FOUR DOLLARS!

Internet Challenge Surprise!

Here’s a good article on The Snuggery from Inquisitr, and a video interview with Jackie from CNN.

(also, that episode of Kissing Contest about Costner’s The Postman that Alpine loved so much is here.)

They’ve recently updated their site so you can also see numbers by day, if the yearly totals are bumming you out too hard.

The Onion: Underrated Masters of the Webseries

Poop, didn’t mean to link to the second-to-last Sex House episode. START WITH EPISODE ONE and hang in there because it gets better and better. Do not fail to watch this masterpiece through to the end!

We also loved Lake Dredge Appraisal and Porkin’ Across America.

Shoutout to the Likers!

So many great Likers to celebrate this fortnight. Join the party at our Facebook page — 255 likers and counting!

Drum roll please…

In her first fortnight as a Liker, Sue KB found the Dumb Ways to Die video, and also Bun B’s Jumbo Coloring and Rap Activity Tumblr! What a performance by the rookie Liker.

Thanks for listening! We’ll be back in 3 weeks with Episode 19 — our GIANT best of 2012 edition featuring Jeni Sue!

Special thanks to Talia Elitzer of Mick Management for musical assistance.
Theme song
 by Snowplows: Check out their four new songs on Bandcamp!

Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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