FOTI #27: The Man Behind the Meme


Fortnight on the Internets fears no spoiler alert!

On this episode of FOTI, we talk about a dadblog that sparked controversy and laughter, a Youtube genius who a cappella jams on video game themes, and discuss the process that occurs when we find out the true identity of an internet phenomenon — does it increase the love or ruin the moment? With music from The Lonely Wild and the usual array of great contributions from our Likers!

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Boston Marathon Tributes

Events have overtaken my commentary in the podcast intro, but in the excitement and frenzy of hunting down the perpetrators, let’s not forget those we have lost and the many more grievously wounded. Donate to the One Fund to support the victims. 

Some of the more stirring tributes:

Finally, and perhaps most stirringly of all, this.

Internet Report Card

An all-around solid group of items this Fortnight — although some of our likers may disagree!

#1. Reasons My Son is Crying

“I washed the dirt and sand off his pear.”

A surprisingly funny collection of photos of two little boys hysterically crying, with deadpan descriptions of what their father did to cause such sorrow. A couple of our friends/listeners/dads were horrified by this blog and then started fighting in the blog comments! So many tears, so many laughs.

#2. Thug Kitchen

The secrets of healthy eating, as told by some hard-ass thugz. You’ll learn how to eat right and laugh your ass off along the way. Best food blog ever.

#3. Minnesota All Hockey Hair Team

This masterpiece, the third in a series, was brought to you by Pull Tab Productions.

Our Musical Guest

The Lonely Wild is a great new band outta LA that hearkens back to California’s too-often-forgotten roots as a heartland of country western sound, while also gesturing effectively towards the Ennio Morricone school of spaghetti western scores.

Andrew Carroll is the frontman; he delivers super tasty melodies that are wonderfully harmonized by Jessi Williams. Andrew Schneider, Ryan Ross and Dave Farina bring a full bodied and gorgeous sound on guitar, keys and drums respectively.

They’re thoughtful artists and their music sounds awesome, so be sure to check ‘em out and pick up their new album The Sun As It Comes.

Also, like ’em on Facebook and check ’em out on Bandcamp.

Internet Challenge Surprise!

This incredible rendition comes from Youtube star Smooth McGroove.

A perfect balance of irreverent comedy and reverence for classic video game titles. Bravo, McGroove.

Check out more great videos by Smooth here.

The Man Behind the Meme

Basically, we discuss this video and all the feelings it inspired within us — a discussion ranging from the Blair Witch Project to Krispy Kreme (aka Froggy Fresh) to New Girl. A free-flowing convo about secret identities, spoilers, internet hoaxes and how it all makes us FEEL, man.

You can preorder Mike’s book — Power Moves: Livin’ the American Dream, USA Style.

Shoutout to the Likers!

Some great items we had to recognize:

And the Liker of the Fortnight is Liker Brian S of the great podcast Party Truck USA! He and his fellows sent listeners our way and infinite props to them for doing so. Thank you Brian! Check out their great podcast and Like them on Facebook!

Likers, we beliebe in you. Thanks for listening, we’ll be back in two weeks.

Thanks to The Lonely Wild and Parker Nusbickel for the great tunes.
Theme song
 by Snowplows: Check out their songs on Bandcamp!
Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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