FOTI #29: Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey


Fortnight on the Internets…where everyone dies at the end!

On this episode of FOTI, we talk about Charles Ramsey, the man who inspired the entire Internet after saving three women from a Cleveland hell-house. We toast The Lonely Island’s new spring break / manlove anthem. And we ask, is Kickstarter totally played out after Hollywood actors have started using it to fund passion projects? With music from Brendan Benson and lots of great contributions from our Likers.

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A Kitchen Nightmare takes Facebook by storm!

We had a lot of fun on Monday watching the chaos as Amy’s Baking Company, a Scottsdale AZ restaurant, engaged in open warfare with the denizens of Reddit on its Facebook page. The cray began when owners Samy and Amy Bouzaglo appeared on Kitchen Nightmares, in which world-famous Chef Gordon Ramsey arrived at their restaurant and attempted to help them. He soon learned that they were totally nuts and beyond any help he could offer, and he aborted the mission with extreme prejudice.

After Reddit discovered the episode, its many minions began flocking to the ABC Facebook page and leaving comments, which in turn sent Amy and Samy into a spiral of madness skillfully documented by Buzzfeed. The infamous Reddit detectives got on the case and produced detailed (and completely unverifiable and probably totally false) posts claiming the restaurant was a money-laundering operation and that the couple had a sordid, felonious past. All in all, it was epic.

Of course, in the end, they claimed they were hacked! 

Watch the episode for yourself (it is incredible) and you’ll probably come to the same conclusion we did: no way these people were hacked. Those insane posts were almost certainly 100% Bouzaglo!

UPDATE: We sent a top Liker in there to investigate and the results were AMAZING. More deets to come on the next episode…!!!!!

Report Card

Three super-viral videos made the cut this fortnight, each inspiring deep hilarity.

#1: Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey

You had to be hiding under a rock to miss this one. The guy who helped liberate three women from captivity gave a ton of amazing interviews and possibly the best 911 call. We celebrate his genius and address the backlash that claims the popularity of this video proves that the Internet is racist.

#2: Whole Foods Parking Lot

This one’s been around for a while, but its truth and tastiness is evergreen. A wonderful video from the Fog & Smog crew. As white honky yuppie Prius-driving gentrifiers, we definitely identified with this jam.

#3: Between Two Ferns / Spring Break Anthem

Somehow we made it through 28 episodes without talking about viral video OGs The Lonely Island. That streak ends now! This subversive and brilliant video contrasts hetero hedonism with samesex romance in a manner so edgy, many viewers didn’t even get the message. We loved it.

Our Musical Guest: BRENDAN BENSON

This episode we’re excited to play some music by the great Brendan Benson, noted for his solo work as well as his stint in The Raconteurs! This guy needs no introduction from us, his skills as a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, performer and producer are WELL documented.

We’re hyping up two things here — his 2012 album What Kind of World, which you need to check out, and all the new singles presently being released through his Facebook page — be sure to Like it and get on top of all the great stuff he is releasing ahead of his forthcoming 2013 album! All of the above is self-produced by Benson in his Nashville lab, and released through Readymade Records.

We’ve added these great BB tracks to our master playlist of all past FOTI musical guests. Be sure to check out the music of Young Hines, produced by Benson, if you haven’t yet!

Internet Challenge Surprise!

This episode, Alison brings us the webgame inspired by the legendary theme to early-TGIF sitcom Perfect Strangers. It’s all about following your dream and making it come true! The site is Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now.

You tell the game your dream and then, as Balki himself, you chase it through the fields of Mypos and the streets of Chicago!


This leads us to a reflection on our favorite show from the legendary 90s ABC family programming block TGIF, including a musing on the extremely dark and depressing end of the puppet series Dinosaurs...

The Uproar Over Kickstarter

A freewheeling discussion of the controversy surrounding the new trend of famous Hollywood actors taking to Kickstarter to crowdfund their passion projects. Is this a new frontier of crowdsourced media content, or a sucker’s game where poor saps are fleeced for their hard-earned cash by TV actors who want to be movie stars? Will this save the $30 million movie in an age of microbudgets and megablockbusters, or is Zach Braff the worst person alive for hitting up his fans to finance his creative vision? We break it all down.

Some pertinent links:

Shoutout to the Likers!

Once again we thank you Likers for being the best community of listeners we could ever dream of! Shoutout also to the lurkers we see creeping into our comment threads…don’t be afraid to come out of the shadows!

As always, Jeni Sue delivered gems on gems on gems, including the incredible website Textastrophe.

Some folks who earned serious props this fortnight:

  • Liker Susan Y for being a tireless supporter of the podcast throughout social media! Check out her film Habibi, it’s highly acclaimed…
  • Liker Doan for all the tips on the Charles Ramsey situaish. He’s OUR Cleveland hero.
  • Liker Nate M. for tipping us off to the Twitter trend #followateen, and Liker Cara H. for tracking the subsequent #followanadult movement championed by Tavi Gevenson

And our Liker of the Fortnight is Liker Derick A! He wrote us an amazing iTunes review and has been awesome about sending in comments and spreading the word. Be like Derick, y’all. Give us a rating and an iTunes review if you’re feeling saintly and YOU could be the next LOTF!

Thanks for listening everyone! See you in two weeks.

Thanks to Skinny Lister and Paul Carey of The Music Management for the great tunes.
Theme song
 by Snowplows: Check out their songs on Bandcamp!
Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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