FOTI #35: Ghost Ghirls


Fortnight on the Internets is throwing a meatball right over the plate!

On this episode, dedicated to Miley Cyrus, we celebrate the bride who twerked down the aisle to her own cover of a lewd Buckcherry anthem. We laurel the Reddit movement to create cool audio tracks with isolated vocals of classic songs. And we’re joined by GHOST GHIRLS headliners Maria Blasucci and Amanda Lund, along with writer and Hall of Fame Liker Ryan Corrigan. With music from Bent Shapes and lots of great contribs from our Likers!

Four ways to listen:

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“We Can’t Stop”

Easily the most massive thing to hit the internet, and EARTH, this fortnight:

And this Postmodern Jukebox cover from Scott Bradlee and friends, featuring amazing backup vocals from the Tee-Tones:

Internet Report Card

We evaluated the viral items of the last two weeks and found them to be excellent!

#1: Crazy Bitch Wedding March

So many things to celebrate here. The bride’s love of NSFW strip club themes. The groom’s bendy knee groove dance. The attire of the groom’s party. The horror of the out-of-town family member who brought his kid to this den of iniquity.

Brilliantly commented upon by Erik of Internet Comment Etiquette:

#2: Japanese Dinosaur Prank

A Jeni Sue find that further highlights the difference between the generally tame, goofy prank comedy of American TV and the crazed, no-holds-barred pranking — egged on by a maniacal audience — found overseas. The extras fleeing the dino to set up the scare is a particularly nice touch.

#3: Isolated Vocals

A Reddit movement (check out the full subreddit here) that celebrates the most powerful vocal performances of our time. To wit:

Our Musical Guest: BENT SHAPES

Perhaps the best band in Boston right now! They just dropped their debut album, Feels Weird, and it is magnificent. (Pitchfork approved) Bent Shapes brings DIY punk on a broad spectrum, ranging from from scathing social commentary to breezy pop-punk — all of it skillfully executed.

Here’s the band digging into one of my favorite tracks, “Panel of Experts.”

Catch up with Bent Shapes now on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Tumblr and pick up Feels Weird today!

Liker Internet Challenge Surprise!

Liker Ryan Corrigan joins us with our first ever Liker-submitted ICS! It’s the cult classic film along the lines of The Room  and Birdemic — THE AMAZING BULK!

It’s a delightful combo of horrible computer graphics, people running in place, sad Marvel Comics rip-offs, hackneyed plot elements, and Comic Sans titles.

Be sure to catch this epic chase scene!

Anything that sells in a package deal with Tommy Wiseau’s masterpiece must be worth picking up.



MARIA BLASUCCI and AMANDA LUND, stars of looming Yahoo webseries GHOST GHIRLS (12 episodes dropping September 9th!) join us to talk about their new show, how they became the most dynamic new comedy team in all of LA, and their experiences working with director Jeremy Konner, executive producer Jack Black, and a constellation of guest stars. Especially their experiences eating pita chips with Val Kilmer

Check out their series here, it’s dropping really soon!

And be sure to follow the Ghirls on Twitter (@M_Blasucci and @amandafunbuns) and follow their quest for John Stamos to acknowledge their existence.

Shoutout to the Likers

So many Likers brought goodness to the Facebook page this fortnight…

As always, J Sue Gems are a staple of our existence. Not only did Jeni make sure we didn’t miss the Japanese Dino prank, but she also made sure we caught the outstanding Major Lazer “Scare Me” vid.

And our LIKER OF THE FORTNIGHT hails all the way from the other side of the globe but was right on top of the most insidiously viral sensation of the fortnight…Liker Siyabonga brought us one of the best mash ups of the two biggest Sunday night television events of 8/25 – a GIF mash up of Hank and Marie from “Breaking Bad” watching Miley twerk on the VMAs.

Mic drop! We’re out! See you in two weeks.

Thanks to Ryan Corrigan, Maria Blasucci and Amanda Lund for joining us!
Much love to Bent Shapes for the rocking tunes.
Our theme song is by Snowplows.
Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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