FOTI #36: What Does the Fox Say?


Fortnight on the Internets is going to happen in 77 days!

On this episode, we banter with Jessie Rosen, the author of the Time-Magazine-acclaimed blog 20-Nothings, about her 6-year run to the top of the blog pyramid, her take on misperceptions of millennials, and the exciting projects she has in development. We break down the latest viral hits, including “The Fox” by Ylvis, the Jimmy Kimmel twerk prank, and the mysterious Conversation Book. With music from Young Man and tons of great finds from our Likers!

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Internet Report Card

A lot to get to this fortnight! The summer is over and the viral items are flying…

1. “The Fox” by Ylvis

These Norwegian comedy bros hit it HUGE with this tune that asks what noise the unassuming woodland creature emits. Likers Roddy, Trevor J. and Ghazal M. made sure we didn’t miss this. Though some tried to dub it the “Song of the Summer,” they neglected to realize that it’s SEPTEMBER, idiots. Anyway, in spite of how ludicrous this video was, we had a good time talking about it, and it was a huge hit with our Likers. Thanks to Likers Roddy, Trevor and Ghazal, among others, for sending it along!

Oh, and apparently the fox says Chacha-chacha-chacha-chow.

2. Jimmy Kimmel Twerk Prank

So, this “twerk fail” video lit up the Internet this Fortnight. It looked too good to be true from day one. Our Likers saw right through it. Turns out the whole thing was orchestrated by Jimmy Kimmel. Some people were amused, some were amusingly outraged. The only good part was that he effectively trolled about a million local news shows.

3. The Mystery of PronunciationBook

Not so viral in our immediate, more mainstream spheres, but in the gamer/Reddit world, this has been blowing up. Liker Per first put it on our radar, and we’ve been watching it for awhile…

Here’s a good recap from The Creators Project. This highly SEO-oriented Youtube channel launched in April 2010 telling users how to pronounce things like “Ke$ha” and and “meme.” But on April 14th, 2012 a video titled “How to Ask for Help in English” took things on a turn for the weird.

THEN, videos started counting down, telling us “Something is going to happen in 77 days.” 

Some intriguing possibilities:

  • It’s an Alternate Reality Game (ARG)
  • It’s viral marketing for a new video game or entertainment product
  • It’s a fictional story told through cryptic Youtubes
  • It’s a long con for cash via Youtube views
  • Various, less plausible conspiracy theories — it’s a way for spies to communicate to each other, it has something to do with survivors of Jonestown, something something Obama, or the second coming of Jesus himself!!!
The weird noises at the end of each countdown video have slowly produced this image when run through spectrographic analysis:

The video series is concluding with a sonnet revealed line-by-line. And new items continue to emerge, like the possible influence of ARG-creators Synydyne and this Tumblr that appears to know what’s going to be posted before the videos go up.

WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN? Hopefully something massive.

Our Musical Guest: YOUNG MAN

This Chicago outfit’s record Beyond Was All Around Me is an essential listen for 2013. It veers from the poetic to the psychedelic, from indie pop to far-out jams. Colin Caulfield leads the band through its paces on what turned out to be its final album — as of a few days ago, Young Man has split, with each member headed in separate directions (Caulfield is the new keyboard player for DIIV). But with this record, they collectively laid down a marker of musical awesomeness. As Alison said it so aptly, this is a record to drive across the country to start a new life to.

Internet Challenge Surprise!

It’s the blog of 24-hour food delivery service Eat24 — which blows away all expectations of what a company blog can be. In this case, by getting quite saucy indeed.

Eat24 figured out that advertising food on porn sites is ridiculously cost-effective and provides a return on investment that obliterates just about every social network:

The best part of the blog post comes when they start crunching the data from the folks who clicked through to their site after peeping porn!

Props to Eat24 for these amazing insights! They’re in 1,000 cities and they’ve got apps for every mobile device. I’ll be ordering.

Talkin’ 20s with Jessie Rosen

We had a freewheeling conversation with Jessie Rosen — for our money, one of the best bloggers around. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Ask a little zine called TIME MAGAZINE:

Some of the topics we hit in our conversation:

  • How did she find out TIME had picked her as one of the best bloggers in the entire internets?
  • Some of her favorite blogs from TIME’s Top 25 list
  • How did she get her start blogging 6 years ago, and what keeps her going?
  • Millennials — are they really as lazy and entitled as the media keeps making them out to be?
  • How she handles sharing her personal life online, and figuring out what to keep private
  • Some pretty awesome projects she has in the pipeline
  • What happened when she bought the 30-Nothings domain from GoDaddy

And…hey! She’s got a great book out! Buy it, why dontcha! And be sure to check out her blog, which is transitioning into its new identity as 30-Nothings.

We loved having Jessie on the show and we hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did.

Shoutout to the Likers!

So many Likers to thank this time around — A wonderful chore to have to carry out. Things have been amazing lately at the Facebook page. We thank you all for your support and participation!

As always, our collaborator Jeni Sue came through with her patented JSue Gems. The Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” – Nicolas Cage Edition was deemed NSFE (not safe for eyeballs). Also, there was Eddie Murphy and Snoop Lion’s…earnest?…attempt at a reggae video.  I bet people in the 80s thought “My Girl Wants to Party All The Time” was a joke at first, too.

Some Likers who played huge roles this fortnight:

  • Liker Mike from BK and Kissing Contest sent along this song he calls the next “Friday” — a fairly thin ode to Brooklyn (i.e. Williamsburg) from punk rockers Mancie.
  • Liker Georgia introduced us to Mother Fucking Homemaking, the fake pinterest board dedicated to the delights and sweet release of half-assed homemaking.  The tagline for this board: “I AM HASHING ALL THE TAGS.”
  •  Liker Mike A. submitted actress/comedian Azie Mira Dungey’s new webseries “Ask a Slave,” that explores the bombastically unthoughtful and ignorant things tourists said to her while she was playing a slave in George Washington’s home of Mount Vernon.
  • Liker Jeff H. showed us the zombie apocalypse engagement photo shoot that no doubt sent shockwaves through the nerd community of “BUT THAT WAS WHAT I WAS GONNA DO IF ANYONE EVER AGREED TO JOIN THEIR LIFE TO MINE!!!”
  • Liker Nate M. introduced us to DANIELLE – the Vimeo video that shows us the gradual horror that is the aging process.  Oh cruel march of time!  We should have known we’d be upset by it when reading the text underneath it: I attempted to create a person in order to emulate the aging process. The idea was that something is happening but you can’t see it but you can feel it, like aging itself.
  • Liker Neil C. cracked us up with comedy from an unexpected corner of the internet ( with the article “Dear Guy Who Made My Burrito” – and, spoiler alert, the first line is, “Have you ever been to earth?”
  • And last but CERTAINLY not least, the lovely Liker Lindsey found this relationship update on the 40 Days of Dating people. They broke up and she seems pissed. You can do better, Jessica! No more design douches for you.

And our LIKER OF THE FORTNIGHT is Liker (and past guest) MARK C! He posted one of my favorite thigns of the fortnight,‘s bridge crash compilation. Hooray wanton destruction! 

AND – he scouted the great story about an on-its-way-out-of-business restaurant spending its death throes insulting the entire town it was based out of!

Mic drop! We’re out! See you in two weeks.

Thanks to Jessie Rosen for joining us!
Much love to Young Man for the rocking tunes.
Our theme song is by Snowplows.
Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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