FOTI #40: Youtube Music Awards


Fortnight on the Internets is taking up the hip-hop violin!

On this episode, we evaluate and rate a massive batch of infographics about the United States of A; we hip you to a bad ass music podcast well worth checking out; and we recap and review the first annual Youtube Music Awards. With music from Dead Gaze and lots of sweet gems from our Likers!

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USA Infographics: A Special Report (Card)

We analyze the flood of United States of America infographics (largely thanks to Business Insider) and separate the gems from the poops.

Most Famous Celebrities from Every State (Business Insider)

map celebrities

We liked this one. Can’t Oregon do better than Lisa Rinna?! And who knew Zosia Mamet was from VT? Cabin Sisters indeed.

The Most Famous Book Set in Every State (Business Insider)

map books

Nofuckingway is Junot Diaz’ Drown more famous than Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret. Rise up, Jersey!

Great American Foods of the States, Ranked (Deadspin)

map foodspin

Sorry, but Chicago-style deep dish pizza should not be ranked first in any countdown unless it’s a list of Biggest Pizza Frauds.

Best Sandwiches From Every State (BI via Slate)

map sandwich

This reminded Alison of a Guy Fieri TV show and made Alpine incredibly hungry. Waiter, Hot Browns for the table!

The United States of Attitude (Time)


By “temperamental and uninhibited” they mean, assholes.

The 11 American Nations (via Washington Post)


After we gave this infographic a rave, I found this Metafilter thread tearing it to shreds. OOPS!

BONUS! What every nation on Earth leads the Earth in.

Click through for the full view.

map world

The greatest one of all. YAY EARTH!

Our Musical Guest: DEAD GAZE

Our musical guest is DEAD GAZE. The band’s new album Brain Holiday is the work of southern gentleman Cole Furlow, who describes his sound as “weirdo pop music from Mississippi.” Crunchy garage rock chords abound!

Furlow rocks sort of a 60s rock aesthetic processed through 90s grunge guitar. Pitchfork gave it a thumbs up and noted “a decade ago, parts of this record would’ve been catnip for The O.C.’s music supervisor.” Furlow brings to mind Cali psychedelic slacker rockers like Ty Segall, Nathan Williams or the master himself, Beck Hansen — but with a Southern twist!

DEAD GAZE is doing gigs in the UK in December, so check ’em out UK Likers! And be sure to worship the band on Facebook!

Internet Challenge Surprise!

Radio Free Gunslinger is the podcast from the nostalgia factory slash blog, If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There’d Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats. 

The handicraft of genius Tom Sutpen, it’s advertised as “A guided tour through the chthonic regions of 20th century Western culture and the society it reflected.”

Add one legend of modern civilization. Mix with an incredible blend of largely little-known music. Curate like a boss. That’s the recipe for this podcast.

A couple of my favorites: Vladimir Nabokov and H.L. Mencken. The author of Lolita hangs out with Malkmus and Thurston, while Mencken lives up to his reputation for genius wit — with a side dish of Big Bill Broonzy.

Subscribe to Radio Free Gunslinger on iTunes — and become a Facebook fan.

Props to Alison for this find, with an assist from Liker and Co-Worker Daniel!

Youtube Music Awards

This baby giving Jason Schwartzman the side-eye was only one of many awkward moments at a live event the website staged to highlight its newfound ascendance to the top of the music industry.

Spoiler alert, we thought it was pretty embarrassing to all involved.

The hosts, Schwartzman and Reggie Watts, were perfectly cast for the audience, hilarious guys who everyone likes, but the live production was super awkward and at times fairly strange.

The live “Videos” were a novel idea that verged on being embarrassing at times (sorry Greta Gerwig fans)

The Video of the Year was emblematic of the substance-free awards being bestowed. Behold, the bizarre “I Got a Boy” from South Korean girl group Girls Generation.

Response of the Year: the “hip-hop violinist” Lindsey Sterling featuring a cappella group Pentatonix performing Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive”: every bit as lame as it sounds.

Artist of the Year was Eminem. That’s relevant.

Perhaps worst were the contrived jokes — like when Taylor Swift was awarded the “Youtube Phenomenon” and her fans brought on stage to accept, only to have Win Butler stage crash — and he’s gonna let you finish, but the Harlem Shake was the greatest of all time…

The moral of the story is that alternative comedy and artsy concepts fit very uncomfortably alongside People’s Choice Awards. The other moral is that live awards shows are incredibly difficult to produce! Better luck next time, Youtube.

Shoutout to the Likers

So many Likers to thank this fortnight. Hopefully everyone reading this is hanging out with us daily at our Facebook page for jams and gems, many of them posted by the Duchess of the internet, Jeni Sue. Easily one of the most popular posts this fortnight was the website Should I Dress in Blackface on Halloween?  All that’s at the domain, is a giant NO.

Likers Neil & John did it again with a new viral video, and THIS one, “The Key” went viral on Deadline Hollywood Daily. We think this shout out from Nikki Finke’s former empire is just the tip of the iceberg for these glans.

Like-named-Likers RJ and TJ both independently brought to our attention “Grandma Goes Crazy on GTA 5,” which is exactly what it sounds like:  an older lady playing Grand Theft Auto like a boss, taking out her aggression on British Gas, shouting “You wanka!” a ton.

Racking up the Likes was this compilation of 29 misleading photos that Liker Neil C. sent our way. One photo I can only describe as “Those aren’t Liev Schreiber’s Dainty Legs” clinched it for us…

Liker Laura T. made sure we didn’t miss Al Roker’s big debut on Vine – feeling officially #tooold at a Drake concert in Connecticut.

Liker Susan Y. and Liker Doan of Kissing Contest stunned all our senses with some Norwegian video of “Let It Be”…for something that seems like a good cause?  Question mark?  Watch it if you’ve ever wanted to see “Bud Bundy” lip sync alongside a famous Norwegian hypnotist, Kathleen Turner, Tonya Harding…and COUNTLESS OTHERS.

Liker Elana F. gave us the hot early tip on the Selfies at Funerals phenomenon, commenting, “If aliens fly by our planet in the near future, they are going to be like ‘Should we invite them to join the Galactic Federation, where there is peace and prosperity forever and also anti-gravity skateboards?’ and then they are going to see this shit and be like, ‘No, keep going. Check out that nebula, maybe somebody who isn’t a total asshole lives there.'”

Liker Siyabonga sent us a story about…and PHOTOS… of the horrifying animatronic baby that was cut from Twilight and replaced with CGI after being dubbed “Troll on a stick” by Robert Pattinson. Alpine thinks it looks like Honey Boo Boo.

Liker Jeff H. sent us a joyous, pound puppy POV takeoff on Lorde’s “Royals” from friend of friend of the podcast Lisa Schwartz of Youtube fame.

Liker Andrew W. (formerly of Texas) sent in a hilarious visual mashup of the placid world of Painter of Light Thomas Kinkade, as rudely invaded by the Imperial Army of Star Wars.

Liker Nate M. introduced us to the Talkhouse – musicians reviewing musicians. BSt. Vincent reviewing Reflektor and Lou Reed reviewing Yeezus are some highlights, AND he shared with us a series of HARRY POTTER book covers reimagined as minimalistic animated GIFs by Jeca Martinez.

And the Liker of the Fortnight is Liker and Co-Worker Daniel R! For introducing us to Radio Free Gunslinger, we are forever in his debt.

Thanks to Andy French from Fat Cat Records for musical assistance.
Our theme song is by Snowplows.

Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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