Fortnight on the Internets is guarding our pillow from Matt Lauer!

On this episode, we welcome the brilliant Maria Blasucci to tell us what it’s like to come face to face with a surly Shia LaBeouf; Jeni Sue joins us to unpack the Sochi Olympic Games; and we enjoy the music of Mother Falcon.

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Internet Report Card

This fortnight: an unbelievable purchase price, an unparalleled talent, and an audacious debut.

#1. Things That Are Cheaper That WhatsApp

This tumblr shows that pretty much everything can be purchased for the amount of money Mark Zuckerberg just paid for the upstart app. As Slate explains, don’t expect these Facebook splurges to stop anytime soon.

#2. IceJJFish, “On The Floor”

This is a joke, right? Tell me this is a joke. That said, I laughed pretty hard. Also amusing, video vixen Karen Vi reading from the Youtube comments.

#3. Jimmy Fallon’s Debut Week Goes Mega Vi

NBC is obviously determined not to being Jay Leno back, so they packaged up a ton of viral items for the first week of the new Jimmy Fallon hosted Tonight Show. A bunch of these videos flooded social media this week, and we picked two of our favorites.

Alison enjoyed the Brian Williams/Lester Holt performance of “Rappers’ Delight”:

While Alpine enjoyed this interview with “Harry Styles”:

Fallon ended up getting over 1 million views on NINE different videos. Off to a good start!

Our Musical Guest: MOTHER FALCON

photo by Brian Rindfuss

Alison’s new favorite band is featured on this show! This group of unabashed orchestra kids have taken their sound into the rock clubs and are currently barnstorming through California. With a lineup variously ranging deep into the teens and changing up from show to show around a regular core, Mother Falcon makes every performance an event.

Here’s Mother Falcon performing for the NPR Tiny Desk series:

Buy their album, Who Knew, for a mere five bucks! And you should also like ’em on Facebook.

Face to Face with Shia LaBeouf

The wonderful Maria Blasucci went to Shia’s notorious performance art piece so you didn’t have to. She waited in line for hours for an audience with LaBeouf and came out deeply emotionally affected. Her tale is amazing.

Watch Maria’s webseries Ghost Ghirls if you haven’t already — and definitely start following her amazing rec league basketball team, packed with talented ladiezz/ballerzz like Maria, Amanda Lund, Aubrey Plaza, Stephanie Allen, Angela Trimbur, Melissa Stetten, and so many more: The Pistol Shrimps!

Sochi Roundup!

We hit a ton of topics in this freewheeling convo — here’s a potpourri of links we gathered throughout.

Sochi Chaos

Opening Ceremony Fun

Figure Skating


More Americans, for Better or Worse

The Highlight of the Olympics

Shoutout to the Likers!

Well, of course we wouldn’t even have this episode without the copious JSue Gems sent from her outpost in Sochi.  Safe to say she’s taking the gold medal in Olympic correspondence.  Sorry, Costas. For more great links from Jeni year-round, follow us on Facebook.

Report Card Credits: Thanks to Liker TJ B for sending along the IceJJFish video!

Now, let’s count down our Likers of the Fortnight….

#5. Liker Allie F. reminded us that Sochi has been entertaining and all…but few things beat the pomp and gold lamé 1985 Breckenridge ski ballet competitions.

#4. Liker Sara in NYC gave us a hard drive and 12 floppies jamming out to “Tainted Love” in perhaps the greatest 80s tribute ever.

#3. Liker Brett W. found a Reddit thread that showed us just how safe for work (and clever) some Redditors could be in summing up their first sexual experiences in GIFs including robots, animals, acts of God, and, in general, bumbling bumblers.

#2. Liker Jeff H. warned us that Fatal Farm’s contribution to the crowd sourced Robocop remake – a scene that was NOT SAFE FOR WORK AT ALL, featuring the most horrifyingly hilarious SFX we’ve ever witnessed. Thanks Liker Jeff H, we think?

And our Liker of the Fortnight — once again!! – is Liker Andrew W. (aka Liker Texas Andrew) for Old Black People Who Look Younger Than Lorde.

Rarely has a post that we didn’t even repost gotten that many Likes and comments on our Facebook page! He had a whole subreddit going. Congratulations to our all-time leader in LOTF crowns.

That’s it for this time! See you in two weeks!

Thanks to Ryan Corrigan for associate producing the Maria segment.
Thanks to JP Riedie for musical assistance.
Our theme songs are by Snowplows and Motern Media.
Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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