FOTI #50: MaxNoSleeves


Fortnight on the Internets is getting social…with social media!

On this episode, we’re joined by YouTube star and friend of the podcast MaxNoSleeves to talk about a the life of a Youtubesman. Plus a report card full of human stupidity and a tribute of sports comedy genius Jon Bois. With music by You Won’t.

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Report Card

So much human idiocy to infuriate us, but also so fun to talk about.

#1. “Let’s Get Social”

We were harshly critical of this thing, but ended up getting so many laughs out of it, and conceded that it was basically a huge success. An A/A+ seemed undeniable.

#2. One-Star Book Reviews

A simple concept, well-executed. Likers, weigh in — did Goodnight Moon creep YOU out?

#3. Boss Wedding Trailer


A successful pair of SF lawyers who worship the iconography of conspicuous consumption plan to join their lives together this summer. Congrats, I guess.

Our Musical Guest: YOU WON’T

You Won’t is the Massachusetts-based duo of Josh Arnoudse and Raky Sastri; high school classmates from Lexington, Mass, they went their separate ways for a time but eventually reunited to create the fantastic record Skeptic Goodbye.


These dudes are seriously fittin’ to blow up, so get on the hype train today.

Internet Challenge Surprise!

Louisville-based sports humor writer Jon Bois, who first gained my lifelong fandom by writing the baseball humor site The Dugout, became a true internet sensation this fall with his series Breaking Madden, which was an ongoing chronicle of hilarious hijinks with the Madden football video game, including building a gorgeous offense made entirely of Tom Brady clones.

A quest to make the Philadelphia 76ers go 0-82 in a simulated season of video game NBA basketball: fueled by crowdsourced, horrid created players and by aggressively adjusting team settings to make the players utterly disinterested in anything resembling quality play — all in the quest to pick a 7’6″, 49-year-old college player named Horrid Shithead #1 in the draft.

To see how the 76ers’ season turned out in Episode 1 of NBA Y2K, click here.

MaxNoSleeves: The Life of a Youtubesman

Friend of the podcast and 500,000+ Youtube fan favorite MaxNoSleeves joined us to tell us about how he got into Youtube content creation, what his day-to-day life is actually like, and how his teenage cousins keep him on the cutting edge of internet technology and culture.

Here’s his Draw My Life video, where he unleashes some serious honesty and openness:

And his explanation of Snapchat’s insanely high valuation put ours to shame:

Want more NoSleeves? SUBSCRIBE to his Youtube channel and join the sleeveless army!

Shoutout to the Likers!

Y’all best be following us on Facebook. That’s where you’ll find all the great posts from Alpine, Alison, and our co-conspirator Jeni Sue. In the grand tradition of the Hamster Dance and Nyan Cat, JSue brought us a new grooving, pixelated animal to delight in with the musical website:  Corgi Orgy.  She also found report card item, the “One Star Book Reviews of Classic Literature” tumblr.

Speaking of Report Card Liker Assists: Liker Trevor J. also made us giggle with his choice comment re: the “Let’s Go Social” video, “Helluva bridge.”


#5) Liker Nate M. helped us, and longtime FOTI Coachella correspondent Jeni Sue, put the final nail in the Coachella coffin by posting Vice’s “The Basic Bitches’ Guide to Coachella 2014.”

#4) Liker Neil C. shared another article about why San Francisco is the worst place ever.  Liker Chaia M. then came in to defend Fishermen’s Wharf for at least keeping the tourists out of the rest of the city and also, for the In-N-Out Burger joint there, thus igniting a very important and timely discussion on our page.  Thank GOD we’re finally talking about the San Francisco Problem. He also called out Liker Doan for getting paid exclusively in the newest currency to capture our imagination – move over Bitcoin, here come Juggalo coins!

#3) Liker Patrick C. for pointing out about JSue’s posting of “Corgi Orgy” website…that there was a real missed opportunity there to coin the phrase, “Corgy.”

#2) Liker Chaia M. now inspires us to post her contributions sight unseen – and they never disappoint!  She brought us the EPIC trailer for Janice & Bambo’s wedding.

And the Liker of the Fortnight is Liker Jeff H, asking the question we ALL should be positing after watching the lost episode of the mid-90s dating show “The Big Date” featuring none other than a surfer hair’ed Jon Hamm:  “Wait, is Jon Hamm a reformed douchebag?”  It would seem so, Jeff.  It would seem so.

He also introduced us to the fake tumblr taking the internets by storm: “Bodybuilders Against Tipping,” which we like to think is a rip off of friend of the podcast’s and bartender Matty K’s tumblr  “Close Your Tabs,” which we featured on our very first episode! Thanks for bringing us full circle for episode 50, Jeff!

Thanks to You Won’t for musical genius.
Our theme songs are by Snowplows and Motern Media.
Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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