FOTI #51: What is Yik Yak?


Fortnight on the Internets will meet a godfearing man and will leave you!

On this episode, we explain the controversial app phenomenon that is Yik Yak, unearth a forgotten but weirdly ahead of its time internet TV show pilot, and enjoy the music of Skinny Bones.

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Report Card

#1. “Duck Tales Theme” from Saturday Morning Slow Jams

Part of the Scott Bradlee empire of quirky YouTube covers — we previously discussed his “Postmodern Jukebox” group’s jazzy cover of “We Can’t Stop.” Crack NYC musicians giving life to Alpine’s long held theory that the cover is a vital and needlessly denigrated form of musical expression.

#2. Creepy Portraits from Christian Purity Balls

Swedish photographer David Magnusson captures dads and daughters posed in creepy union before/during an event in which the daughters pledge to stay virgins until marriage.

Liker Chip VD commented “Touching” while commenter Patrick M noted “the fact that half the dads are snuggling their heads on their daughters with their eyes closed makes this a billion times creepier.”

#3. “Crocodile Chop”

A MAGICAL blend of Elton John’s corny “Crocodile Rock” and System of a Down’s emotional alt-metal track “Chop Suey” to create something truly mystical in its greatness. The work of prolific internet comedian/music master Neil Cicierega.

Our Musical Guest: SKINNY BONES

SKINNY BONES is Jacob Rosati & Christopher Stoppiello, Bostonians who sound-collage like a mofo, underlying it all with an excellent ability to songwrite. Their brand new album is Noise Floor!

Here are the dudes performing an earlier cut off their great EP Skinni Dip:

Be sure to pick up Noise Floor — name your price! — and Like them on Facebook for more great music!

Internet Challenge Surprise!



Alison brings us the magic of “Chad’s World.” With the Bryan Singer contro sweeping H’wood, we now know wayyyy more than we ever wanted to about the cadre of creepy middle-aged dudes who round up twinks and bring them hither to terrifying mansion parties. One of these sleazeballs was Marc Collins-Rector, and in light of the media firestorm, a fascinating item out of his past came to our attention.

It seems Collins-Rector, an otherwise horrible individual, created a, frankly, ahead of its time internet TV station back in the 90s. One of the tentpoles of the “Digital Entertainment Network” was about a young gay boy who becomes a fresh prince of Encino….but first he has to be rescued from suicide tragedy and a evil bigot by his brother’s partner, gay mafia tough guy Seann William Scott and his army of black bodyguards. The topic ain’t comedic, but some of the scenes are incredible. Collins-Rector has done his best to delete it off the internet, but we found a cached copy. Get it while you still can.

YIK YAK Explained…

We break down a new iOS app causing CHAOS at schools nationwide: “a virtual bulletin board that allows users to post comments anonymously within a mile and a half radius. Yik Yak constantly updates and users can vote posts up or down the message board.”

It’s an app not from tech hotbeds SV, NYC or Harvard/MIT, but Dixie: creators Brooks Buffington and Tyler Droll met at Furman University in Greenville, S.C. The app they created is now one of the most popular social apps in the USA.

This amazing New York mag article entitled “A Gossip App Brought My High School to a Halt” by Will Haskell is great reportage on the Yik Yak phenomenon, and includes this outstanding, evocative passage:

When you watch stupid movies about teenagers in high school, you roll your eyes at the classic fallout scene in which the hallways are filled with whispering students all gossiping about the same thing. This was exactly what Thursday afternoon looked like at Staples. “Walking through the hallways, everyone was staring at their phones,” says one target. In the course of a few periods, the most private, deplorable thoughts of the Staples student body had been put into writing. And the worst part was that no one knew who was writing this stuff — maybe the asshole you’d expect it from, or maybe the quiet girl in the back of Spanish class.

Yik Yak has now blocked itself from 85% of highschools and middle schools for obvious reasons. We share our findings on the use of Yik Yak on the Tufts University campus, and once again mount a defense of internet anonymity.


Y’all best be following us on Facebook. That’s where you’ll find all the great posts from Alpine, Alison, and our co-conspirator Jeni Sue. Jeni Sue’s latest gem: artist Avery Monsen’s speeding roulette wheel of 100 New Emojis. Some very useful new favorites of ours include Laura Dern assembling IKEA furniture, a specter rising from a 7 layer Fiesta Dip, and a cloud with a lazy eye. She also posted the Saturday Morning Slow Jams rendition of the “Duck Tales” Theme Song!

Another Report Card credit goes to Liker TJ B., who passed along “Crocodile Chop” before it truly blew up!!!

Liker Shout Out Countdown!

#5 – Liker Charlotte S. pointed our collective triangular-shaped nose to a hilarious Buzzfeed spoof of the classic Illuminati conspiracy posts that try to point to the ways in which certain celebs like Jay-Z and Beyonce are clearly alluding to being part of the Illuminati in their work and dress, by simply finding and outlining small, random pyramids and triangles in photos of celebs and sports starts. Well played, Charlotte. And good job distracting us from the true Illuminati threat, BUZZFEED!

#4 – Liker Isabel was the first to make sure we were aware that somewhere out there on the internets, a human chef was making teeny-weeny burritos for hamsters to gorge themselves on. She especially enjoyed the glee of the chef upon seeing the reception his creations received. We can only hope this will be part of an ongoing series in which they drink tiny martinis and eat tiny KFC double downs.

#3 – Liker Lindsey gave us a scare this past Easter Sunday with a post of “22 Easter Bunnies That Are Definitely Serial Killers.” One of the most horrific realizations is – these bunnies with screaming kids on their laps don’t look scary because they are weird and old-timey or anything – a lot of these are from our childhoods in the 80s and later!

#2 – Liker Elana F. fed our local news bloopers addiction by sharing the video “Chill Bro at Scene of Wildfire Asks Out Reporter on Live TV,” in which a shirtless bro carrying a petite white dog briefly halted his flip flop shuffle through a wildfire-menaced SoCal suburb so as to ask out a flummoxed female reporter, already thrown off by how bad the Santa Ana winds were. Things went downhill from there for her as she struggled to stop blushing and speak to the potential damage to local homes.

And the Liker of the Fortnight is Liker Andrew C! A scion of the most illustrious family of FOTI Likers (his brothers Neil C. and Mark C. are a many-time LOTF and a past guest, respectively) he’s been killing it with good posts lately. That Deadspin article he posted about the Adult Kickball Team Email: Please Don’t Fuck Your Teammates Yet cracked us up. Alison knows several man-boys out here in LA who could have and would have EASILY written that sucker. Bravo Liker Andrew C and thanks to all the Likers for your support!

Thanks for listening, and we’ll be back in 2 weeks.

Thanks to Josh Stern for musical assistance.
Our theme songs are by Snowplows and Motern Media.
Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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