FOTI #53: Reading Rainbow Returns!


Fortnight on the Internets: a paltry showing of lonely-looking men!

On this episode, we applaud as Levar Burton weeps; the infectious jams of Twenty Trucks permanently lodge in our brains; and Erin Matson joins us to shed light on online misogyny and #YesAllWomen. With music from Future Monarchs!

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Internet Report Card

High notes, sexy trucks, and butterflies in the sky.

#1. Reading Rainbow Returns!

Levar is well on his way to bringing the PBS classic back as an app for kids everywhere, with upwards of $3.5M raised to date.

#2. Greatest Vocal Ranges

This super viral infographic was produced by Concert Hotels. But the info is all yanked from The Range Place. Thanks to Liker Neil C for sharing!

#3. Twenty Trucks

Straight-up jams about the greatest trucks around…

Learn more at the Twenty Trucks website!

Our Musical Guest: FUTURE MONARCHS

This Chicago five-piece’s EP, Weird Weather, is a pure jam that you simply must enjoy. Take a listen and tell me you don’t love this:

For a mere $6 on iTunes, you can enjoy Future Monarchs cuts all summer long. And be sure to like the band on Facebook!

Internet Challenge Surprise! — a no-holds-barred look at nuptial bliss. The author’s unique voice certainly polarized Alison and Alpine. Check it out and let us know what YOU think. And remember folks, ALWAYS proofread your documents before sending to your boss.

The Definitive #YesAllWomen Reader

To break down the disturbing online trends that underlay the recent mass shooting in Santa Barbara, we’re joined by Erin Matson, one of our favorite past guests and a constant font of wisdom on topics of gender, online discourse and life in general. Here’s an earlier article of hers that relates pretty well to the breakout hashtag that went viral after the shooting — #YesAllWomen.

To accompany our discussion of “MRAs,” online hate speech, the Ann Hornaday vs. Seth Rogen feud, and a variety of compelling articles to come out of this horrific incident, here’s a quick roundup of the best we found online.

You can find Erin online, blogging at her main site, or chronicling the White Guys Doing It By Themselves.

Shoutout to the Likers!

Let’s do this!

#5. Liker Siyabonga A. came back strong from a self-confessed FB page posting sabbatical to hit us with a hooky Vine of Fitty Cent’s magnificently askew first pitch thrown out at the Mets game Tuesday night.

#4. FOTP Betsy V. S. makes her first appearance in this countdown for sharing with me, a tumblr of dude sprawl explained by the tagline: Men love to take up so much space and spread their legs while sitting down but it’s because they’re saving room for cats! Duh! A fun mash up of masculine entitlement, subway bad behavior photo tumblrs, and Cat Paint! I loved the photo of Richard Madden, who plays Robb Stark, saving room on the London Underground for CATelyn Stark.

#3. Liker Jeff H. made sure we didn’t miss Buzzfeed’s darkest and maybe awesomest listicle ever: 23 People You Know Are Definitely Dead Now, a collection of GIFs and photos of wipeouts (or wipeouts to come) and people in, shall we say, compromising situations, some of which would normally be “America’s Funniest Home Videos” fodder…if not for outstanding accompanying captions like, “You know she’s dead.” Jeff asked, “Was there a shakedown in creative at Buzzfeed, this a little dark for them and its awesome.” My fave? A GIF of drunk bros singing karaoke with “These bros? Dead.”

#2. Liker Chip VD for building on Jeff H.’s find by posting a GIF off Imgur that Buzzfeed somehow missed of a man breakdancing in a crowded public space, headkicking a toddler girl who dared wander too close to his moves, accompanied by the MORTAL KOMBAT cry of “FINISHER HER!!!” Alpine proclaimed said toddler: “Certainly dead.”

And our Liker of the Fortnight is Liker Per, now a proud father of two! He exposed us to what parents all over YouTube have already been leaning hard on, the Twenty Trucks video collection. Thank you Liker Per for getting the amazing songs about excavators, monster trucks, delimbers and more stuck in our heads FOREVER!!!

Thanks everyone! We’ll be back at you soon.

Thanks to Emily White of Whitesmith Entertainment for musical assistance.
Our theme songs are by Snowplows and Motern Media.
Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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