FOTI #54: Facebook is Messing with Your Mind


Fortnight on the Internets has dreamed up four!

On this episode, we’re joined by the co-creators of the webseries Millennial Parents; we celebrate a compilation of terrible demo tapes; and we discuss Facebook’s dastardly social experiments.

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The Worst of TGIF

Inspired by the huge success of Girl Meets World and this retrospective article from Variety, we each name our least favorite TGIF show of all time.

Also, this clip of Jim Beek being eaten by an alien.

Report Card

A social media debacle, a controversial experiment, and some booty shaking.

#1. Daytime Emmys Red Carpet Disaster

Who would have thought that hiring four “social media stars” for $1,000 a pop to cover an event about which they had no knowledge, LIVE, would turn into a nightmare? Well, anyone who thought about it for more than five seconds.

#2. Facebook’s Social Experiments


The Atlantic offers a good roundup of this controversial story. Seems that Facebook decided to see if it could make people happy or angry, and it TOTALLY worked. 

#3. Musicless Music Video: “Dancing in the Streets”

Few things in the history of popular entertainment have been more unintentionally funny than the dashed-off Jagger/Bowie Martha Reeves cover collab. Now genius Mario Wienerroither has stripped the music out and replaced it with a hilarious pseudo-verite audio track.

Our Musical Guest: LA SERA

One of our favorite past musical guests has a new record out and it rules. HOUR OF THE DAWN is the new, righteous album from Katy Goodman’s solo project. Goodman has been quoted as saying she strove for a Lesley Gore meets Black Flag sound, which is just the best concept ever. And she totally nails it.

Be sure to Like this awesome ginger on Facebook. Special and endless thanks to Hardly Art Records.

Internet Challenge Surprise!

We proudly present, via Dangerous Minds, the worst demo tape compilation in the world.

Much respect for Robert Popper for unearthing and posting this gem.

Millennial Parents

We were delighted to be joined by Jake Greene and Natalie Irby, the creators of Millennial ParentsIt’s a wonderful webseries that you can enjoy whether you’re a millennial parent, a millennial, a parent, or none of those things:

One of the best things about this series is how every episode has a full story arc yet takes less than 2 minutes! You can rip through the entire series in a quarter of an hour. Thanks for making allowances for our tragically ruined attention spans, Millennial Parents!

Best be sure to go to their Youtube page and subscribe! You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Here’s Natalie shooting baby POV from inside a crib!

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Shoutout to the Likers!

Time for the greatest countdown in all the land, the countdown of our top Likers of the past fortnight nay, month!

#5. Liker Derick not only had some of the top comments on all our links over the past three weeks, but also sent us “The Best Luigi Death Stares” – a collection of GIFs and videos (set to some GANGSTA soundtracks) documenting all the times Luigi just stares down a competitor he hath decimated in Mario Kart, whether that be sweet Princess Peach or the evil Wario. Apparently, this subject matter has an ENTIRE SUBREDDIT DEVOTED TO IT.

#4. Liker Zach W. contributed “The Pugs of Westeros” a video from Blinkbox which is exactly what you think it is, only more magnificent. Pugs dressed as your favorite stoic and mighty GAME OF THRONES characters, moving throughout the sets and lands of Westeros with the wind whipping through their fur-lines cloaks and candles glinting in their eyes which poignantly seem ALWAYS on the verge of tears.

#3. Liker Mike D. blew our minds with the tumblr GooBing Detroit which, through both hard data and some insane time lapse photos from both Bing and Google Street View documents Detroit’s crumbling housing stock. The photos are especially intense, as they mostly feel like scenes from the documentary “The Earth Without Us” with trees growing right through windows and chimneys, and brush completely swallowing up cars.

#2. Liker Chip VD uncovered a Reddit thread on which parents share stories about their assholic children. The only thing better than the stories shared, were the other parents offering mind games and revenge pranks that would teach the asshole kids a lesson!

And the Liker of the Fortnight? Sorry boys, it’s Liker Charlotte S.! Who cracked us up with “People Trying to Write In Art” – a marvelous The Hairpin tumblr that points out something we’d never really noticed before: in ancient paintings, people often had one helluva time getting it down on paper – whether due to distractions, writers block, physical impossibilities or the confounding nature of paper itself! Each painting is paired with a spot on caption as to just what the problem might be:

“Not right now, Sally.”

But beyond that, she also sent us three other consciousness-raising gems worth checking out on our FB page – an exploration of what happened when one woman had her face photoshopped in 25 different countries, an Anti-Friend Zone Make Up Tutorial she posted in response to our segment on #YesAllWomen, and a Fast Company photo essay called Inspiring Photos of Children Expressing Their True Gender – and then she apologized for all the great linkage! Never apologize, Charlotte. Never.

Thanks for listening! We’ll be back in two weeks.

Thanks to Lacey Swaim of Hardly Art Records for musical assistance.
Our theme songs are by Snowplows and Motern Media.
Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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