FOTI #56: We Still Coming


Fortnight on the Internets is rewriting the American Ninja Warrior history books!

On this episode, we’re joined by Zena Barakat of the New York Times’ Modern Love video series; we celebrate the Youtube works of LA’s Hottest Bartender; and we hail the triumph of Weird Al.

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Report Card

This was a straight-A fortnight!

#1. Weird Al Rules

The funnyman scores his first #1 album at the age of fifty-something, defying all logic to crush the charts with a long-percolating ALBUM in the age of one-off singles and instant Youtube parodies.

Here are a couple of our favorite tracks:

#2. Kacy Catanzaro, Ultimate Ninja

This powerful lady captured the hearts of the Internet with her unbelievable conquest of America’s favorite summertime obstacle course.

The ridiculous announcers (Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila) are amazing on this.

#3. We Still Coming

The New York Post article turned out to be entirely inaccurate, but the real story is even better than the myth. Also, this video is amazing. The second verse has some of the best pop-culture refs in the west.

Our Musical Guest: GULP!

An amazing band led by Guto Pryce (Super Furry Animals) on bass and Lindsey Leven on vocals, with Gid Goundrey providing guitar and Gwion Llewelyn on drums. They bring together the best of California dream-pop and Welsh weirdness. Their new album, Season Sunis a must have for summer 2014.

If you enjoyed what you heard, and obviously you did or you’re dim, Like ’em on Facebook. Also, they are touring the UK this fall, so get out and see ’em, UK Likers!

Internet Challenge Surprise!

This fortnight, we were lucky enough to discover, via cousin of the podcast RJBS, the most entertaining bartender on Youtube: JaNee Nisonger of Her instructional masterpieces are a masterclass in how NOT to make a classic cocktail:

Douglas Winship of said it best: “JaNee’s work has been languishing in relative obscurity for almost four years, until its sudden notoriety this week. I’ve seen this video being passed around by everyone in my FaceBook and Twitter feeds from USBG members to an Irish priest Notre Dame law professor.”

Here’s another deadly concoction:

There are dozens more, including a wide selection of gross shots you would never want to drink, but there’s something about JaNee’s magical manner that makes them eminently watchable.

For a better source of cocktail magic, check out The Savory.

Zena Barakat: Modern Love

This fortnight, we’re joined by the producer of the New York Times’ Emmy-nominated Modern Love video series, Zena Barakat! She’s the genius behind these gems:

Here’s a playlist of all the Modern Love videos.

Zena tells us about how she got the idea to turn one of the paper’s most popular print series into an animated video spinoff, the challenges she faced along the way, the process of creating the videos, and what she’s learned about love along the way. It’s an amazing interview not to be missed!

Shoutout to the Likers!

#5. Liker Neil C. took us back to grade school laughs with his post about a British Inventor who has spent good time and money aiming the world’s largest farting machine at France’s shoreline, in maybe the most expensive and oddest salute to Monty Python humor ever.

#4. TIE! Liker Andrew C. submitted a post about Gawker’s Catie Weaver’s 14 Hour Journey to the horizon of infinite mozz sticks at TGI Friday’s! AND Liker Jeff H. just for this magnificent comment: “This was an awesome read. As someone who has done some binge eating in my day, including a spectacular failure in front of the head of my prep school that ended an eating before it ever began, 30+ cheese sticks is brutal. I did 51 ounces of steak once in an hr and was out of sorts for 24 hrs.”

#3. Kissing Contest Podcast (Likers Doan and Mike D.) made sure we didn’t miss a very funny redub of the hyper viral 50 SHADES OF GREY teaser trailer by a talented foley artiste whose insertion of grunts, hmmms and other nonverbal expressions beautifully get to the heart of the film’s tone and content.  It also ends on the most impressive Beyonce imitation we’ve ever heard!

#2. Friend and Cousin of the podcast RJBS for sending along the Mahalo bartender videos, with the message: “Whenever I want to be reminded that we live in a horrible world, beyond redemption, I rewatch this ”

And the Liker of the Fortnight is Liker Chip VD! He sent along a hilarious brain teaser of a “NY TIMES” crossword puzzle devised by Sean Tejaratchi, where all the clues where hilariously meaningless ranging from “Inuit word for Nell Carter” (a fave of Liker Ryan C.) to “My Mom said she lived next door to this guy for a while.”

Thanks all, and WE STILL COMING in two weeks!

Thanks to Nathan Walker and Annie Ostrowski for musical assistance.
Theme songs by Snowplows and Motern Media.
Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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