FOTI #57: Ice Bucket Challenge


Fortnight on the Internets was born and raised in North Dakota!

On this episode, we’re joined by Tiffany Beveridge, author of How to Quinoa; we discuss the Ice Bucket Challenge and the Apparently Boy; and we enjoy the music of Mike Krol.

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Report Card

Another report card full of As. The Internet has been too good lately.

#1. Ice Bucket Challenge


The bonafide phenomenon that’s raised a ton of money for ALS research. (Fun fact, it didn’t start as an ALS thing at all.) We run down some of our favorite and least favorite examples.

#2. Noah Ritter, the “Apparently Boy”

This kid took the Internets by storm this fortnight. In addition to stealing the show at the Wayne County Fair, he was brilliant on Good Morning America, put a scare into Stephen Colbert, and helped start a feud between Colbert and Sean Hannity. A good fortnight’s work for this old soul.

#3. DMX Rides the Slingshot

Any episode where we have to issue the DMX Explicit Language Advisory is a great episode.

Our Musical Guest: MIKE KROL

Mike Krol is the band/idea behind the amazing albums I Hate Jazz and Trust Fund. His Midwest-meets-LA punk albums are packed with tiny masterpieces.

LA LIKERS! Mike will be opening for Superchunk on Saturday. Tickets here. Don’t miss this rad bill. Also, Like Mike on Facebook.

Internet Challenge Surprise!

These amazing 80s commercial compilations:

So many classics to enjoy here. Also, can you solve the mystery of Urkel and the Pepsi Commercial?

Tiffany Beveridge: How to Quinoa

We celebrated her Pinterest board just over a year ago, and then our Likers and listeners voted her into the Top 10 Best of the Internets 2014. Now she’s back with an amazing new book, How to Quinoa!

Alison and Alpine hail all the things we loved about it on the podcast, but you don’t have to take our word for it: many glowing reviews can’t be wrong. This is one book to buy in hardcover — it’s fun to read and looks amazing.

Big things are in the works for Tiffany and Quinoa — but the Pinterest board continues to be outstanding entertainment, and you can also follow them on Facebook.

Shoutout to the Likers!

Thanks to two stalwart Likers for invaluable Report Card assists:

  • Liker Doan – Without our Kissing Contest podcast compadre keeping us in the loop on all things cool, we may never have experienced the bliss that is DMX riding The Slingshot and losing his shit.
  • Liker Neil C. exposed us to the old soul ginger kid who made “apparently” the coolest new internets buzzword.

Now it’s time to countdown the top countdown of all countdowns…

#5. Liker Siyabonga delighted us with his chioce comment on the post about Allison Williams taking on the role of Peter Pan in NBC’s upcoming live musical production: “Wait what?! What?! Will this be an R-rated Peter Pan in which Pan mopes around for a season before banging Wendy’s friend?”

#4. Liker Rich M. uncovered a lost internet gem of an educational movie called “How to Have Cybersex on the Internet.” It’s hard to tell what year this is from – it certainly feels like 1992, but that would make sense since porn and sex usually are the first things experimented with and perfected in any new technology.

#3. Liker Zach W. sent in the “confused cats against feminism” tumblr that Alison loved AS much as she hated the assbackwards, makes-my-blood-boil Women Against Feminism.

#2. Liker Andy S. posted a story about a Shiba Inu who makes us think FOTI Hall of Famer Doge has a distant relative in Japan who lives AND works in a little cigarette shop. Smoking is much a bad but this is very wow good!

And the Liker of the Fortnight is a brand new contributor starting off strong: Liker Pat H.! He sent us the inspiring work of genius Claire Wyckoff who RUN-DRAWS: people on stripper poles (aka major streets), popular fictional characters like Slimer from GHOSTBUSTERS, objects like a middle finger salute, and bountiful penii.

This was a real hit with the Likers, and we can’t wait to see what else Pat H. sends our way.

Thanks for listening — we’re taking a brief vacation and will be back in a month!

Theme songs by Snowplows and Motern Media.
Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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