FOTI #60: 100 Orgasms a Day


Fortnight on the Internets doesn’t know what the definition of a photocopier is!

On this episode, we treat the plight of an orgasm-plagued man with great sensitivity and maturity; we celebrate the unearthing of a lost Hall & Oates video; and we’re joined by Brett Weiner, director of the hit short film Verbatim.

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Report Card

Easily the classiest and most mature report card we’ve ever presented to our listeners.

#1. 100 Orgasms a Day

If this is fake, it’s absolutely hilarious. If it’s real…this poor, poor man.

#2. Stoner Reporter Quits on Air

Charlo Green becomes the face of the legalization movement in the great white north. Was Levi Johnston not available?

#3. “Let Me Poop”

This shouldn’t be funny, but somehow, we couldn’t resist laughing…

Our Musical Guest: FRENCH STYLE FURS

This fortnight, we enjoy the incredible music of French Style Furs, a side project of Nathan Willett and Matt Maust of Cold War Kids and We Barbarians’ Nathan Warkentin — and a band with a glory all its own. Their new record, Is Exotic Bait, is essential listening for all those who enjoy brooding, intense jams. Consequence of Sound gave the record well-deserved dap, noting the key added value of some sweet horn-work and timely backup vox.


Pick up Is Exotic Bait from Frenchkiss Records today. Your ears will thank you.

Internet Challenge Surprise!

A lost Hall & Oates video from 1973, so completely unlike all their goofy videowork from the 80s, hit the internets a few years back with nary an explanation. Here’s the mysterious vid:

Now, the truth can be told. Oates was behind it all.

Brett Weiner: Verbatim

One of our favorite past guests, director/writer/all around mastermind Brett Weiner, rejoins us to talk about the meteoric success of his short film Verbatim:

Here’s a good rundown of the story behind the video — or you can hear it right from Brett himself on the NYTimes website, which will soon host an entire series of Verbatim tales!

Shoutout to the Likers!

Y’all best be following us on Facebook. That’s where you’ll find all the great posts from Alpine, Alison, and our merry band of Likers.

Here’s the countdown of our top Likers of the Fortnight:

#5. Liker Siyabonga A. for his wonderful comment on our Report Card item about hte man who orgasms 100 times a day: “There’s a point when even the funniest captions can’t add to an already ridiculously funny story. Clearly we’ve reached that point here.”

#4. Liker Dimitry M. for his outrageous comment on that same Report Card story: “If I were him, everytime I busted a nut in public I would just point at a random person while it happened.”

#3. Liker Isabel B. contributed the oddly comforting and compelling video reel on Acer, a miniature horse believed to be the tiniest horse in all of England who roams his owner’s home like big dog. Amazingly, most people would have had him put down, but his human mom thinks he’s one in a million. Absolutely heartwarming.

#2. Liker Sue KB flagged the magic that is artiste Sandro Miller newest collection Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters, shooting John Malkovich posed as famous photographs and pieces of art in history – everything from him as Marilyn Monroe as painted by Andy Warhol to him as John Lennon, seemingly curled up naked next to Yoko Ono.

And the Liker of the Fortnight is Liker Neil C., who has been working OVERTIME for FOTI this fortnight. Not only did he enchant us with the most anticipated Captain Hook of the 2014-15 television season, Christopher Walken, reading the classic children’s tale, The Three Little Pigs on a 1993 episode of the BBC late night show, “Saturday Zoo,” but he also presented to us @craptaxidermy, an accounting on Twitter of the worst taxidermy IN THE WORLD. And finally, he brought us the killer new Tumblr “It’s Like They Know Us,” which pokes fun at advertising’s way of making all parenting look effortless and pristine. Liker Neil C. – like many of our likers – know that is a daaangerous lie.

Thanks for listening — we’ll be back in two weeks!

Thanks to Paul Hanly for musical assistance.
Theme songs by Snowplows and Motern Media.
Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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