About ROTI

What is ROTI?

On October 8, 2004, a great American issued a clarion call, alerting all patriots to a growing peril in the shady cyber realms, a shadowy menace that threatens all we hold dear:

This organization was formed as a vigilant watchdog over these shadowy realms, coalescing what we may find and holding it up to the light of righteousness and justice.

How can I get in touch with ROTI?

You can email the organization’s spokesman, Alpine McGregor, at alpinemcgregor AT gmail DOT com.

All inquiries are welcome, including sale prices on sex drugs and any tips, links, videos or rejoinder that the public may deign to offer. We make a point of honoring our most loyal contributors.

How can I join this proud organization that protects the public and maybe, just maybe, might lead us to a new land?

You can join the struggle by adding your voice to the discussion, sending in new information or follow up information, or targeting those we write about with vicious whispering campaigns. It’s all one.

What’s the most inspirational thing you’ve ever discovered through the magic of the Internets?

Undoubtedly, this.

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