FOTI #58: The Fappening


Fortnight on the Internets wants you with a good shape!

On this episode, we discuss the celebrity nude photo hacking scandal, celebrate the best 1960s soft drink ad imaginable, and toast an amazing 4-year-old restaurant critic.

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Report Card

Food blogging, a kid’s show, and a kid food blogging.

#1. Banned Words on Eater dot com

Raphael Brion, the outgoing editor of Eater National, the umbrella organization that runs your city’s most essential food blog, celebrated his departure by listing the many words he refused to let his charges publish. It’s a really good read.

#2. Sad Full House

Comedian Benjamin Apple has created a truly great series that juxtaposes some of Full House‘s most very-special, super-serious moments with its lighthearted, saxy theme song.

#3. A Four-Year-Old Reviews The French Laundry

San Francisco lifestyle website The Bold Italic has a series where they send little kids to do restaurant reviews. This installment, in which four-year-old Lyla takes on perhaps the best restaurant in the world, is comic gold. And it really brought out the haters.

Our Musical Guest: HATCHAM SOCIAL

This episode’s musical guest is a fantastic English indie pop outfit that formed in the mid-aughts in London, and features brothers Toby and Finnegan Kidd along with David Claxton. Their third album Cutting Up The Present Leaks Out The Future dropped earlier this year, and we’re previewing some of the great tracks on this episode!

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Internet Challenge Surprise!

For some mindblowing Tab facts, check out this highly detailed Wikipedia page.

“The Fappening”: The Celebrity Nude Photo Hacking Scandal

As everyone knows, numerous celebrity iCloud accounts were hacked and their contents released internet-wide over Labor Day weekend. We discuss what happened, the ramifications, and what you can do to protect yourself from a similar fate.

Shoutout to the Likers!

Y’all best be following us on Facebook. That’s where you’ll find all the great posts from Alpine, Alison, and amazing folks like Liker Kim B. Without her, we never would have found report card gem “Sad Full House.” Thanks, Kim! And shout out as well to Liker Isabel, who found that AMAZING Tab commercial!

Now, for our official Liker Countdown:

#5. Liker Charlotte S. submitted many a fine post to the FB page this past month, but none so chortle-inducing as the hilarious jumpcut edited “Rainbow Sponge” infomercial which opens with a benign-seeming older lady telling us that “The Army Arts and Crafts Department sent me to Korea.” and culminates in what can only be described as her uttering creepy sex sounds?

#4. Liker Neil C. exposed us to our new favorite nerdy Twitter feed: @WTFRenaissance, which as HuffPo put it: “explains what’s actually happening in both mundane and wildly bizarre Renaissance artworks. From the proportionally strange portraits of the Virgin Mary and an infant Christ, to vaguely erotic images of humans and animals in intimate embraces, @WtfRenaissance decodes the confusing scenes in 140 characters or less, infusing bits of contemporary pop culture along the way. Warning: perfectly crafted hashtags are present.”

#3. Liker Derick A. tried to help us figure out which Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial featured a young Jaleel White (aka Urkel) posting: “I could listen to 80s commercial talk for a whole episode. Start a spin off podcast if you must. I don’t know about the Jaleel White Pepsi commercial, but this one has Alfonso Ribero also known as Carlton Banks from television’s The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.” Turns out that Jaleel starred in a LIONEL RICHIE Pepsi commercial. We all win with these two 80s gems revealed!

#2. Liker Juan-Luis dug up a Oasis DVD Commentary Highlights on YouTube, mostly consisting of Noel Gallagher generally demolishing his own 90s alt rock super group’s video oeuvre, including noting how drunk he is in certain takes. A favorite clip (from the opening of the “Wonderwall” video): “That’s not an actual record playing, and he’s not a real clown.” #behindthemusic

And then there was our fortnightly champion…

He gave us the Ice Bucket Challenge Greatest FAIL Hits compilation. He introduced us to MY PARENTS OPEN CARRY (a book that’s synopsized as: Come join 13-year-old Brenna Strong along with her mom, Bea, and her dad, Richard, as they spend a typical Saturday running errands and having fun together. What’s not so typical is that Brenna’s parents lawfully open carry handguns for self-defense.”). He even dug up an oddly-compelling online photo essay about an abandoned Renaissance Faire found in the woods of Virginia. This Liker has been simply en fuego these past two fortnights…it’s Liker Andrew C.!!

Thanks for listening — we’ll be back in two weeks!

Thanks to Ellie Coden for musical assistance.
Theme songs by Snowplows and Motern Media.
Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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