This Month in GIF [April 2012]

Well, that went by fast. The time for another This Month in GIF is upon us!

As usual, C. Dave shone the GIF beacon into the night sky, alerting ROTI headquarters to mobilize our strike teams, and effortlessly provided an ammunition dump of animated images. Our GIF team has a lot of new sites to draw from these days, and this month we’re especially thankful for the genius of What Should We Call Me (hat tip to Alison of FOTI fame for that discovery) and its many imitators (I particularly like this one from Philips Exeter Academy, thanks Nils Coq au Vin).

Wondering what makes a GIF cut the mustard for TMI status? Seamless (or at least decent) looping, solid image quality, sheer hilarity and/or a “wow” factor are all potentially critical aspects of a top GIF. But when the time comes to make the final cut, I consult my beloved GIF consultant Lady McGregor — and using highly sensitive scientific equipment, tally up her responses to each nominee on a ten-point whoa-to-meh scale.

And that’s how a GIF from Save the Last Dance ended up at the top of this page. (“It’s really not a big deal.” “Oh I think it is.”)

Who’s excited for GIF time?

Jules Winnfield sucks at Guess Who.

What’s Got Into That Hat?

Huh, Obama always struck me as a longboard guy.

The Masters of Awkwardness

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