FOTI #22: Online Dating Disasters


Fortnight on the Internets is down to bang!

On today’s episode, we’re joined by Brian Donovan, author of Not a Match: My True Tales of Online Dating Disasters. He’s survived over a hundred awkward, weird, and downright frightening internet dates and joins us to tell the tale. We also celebrate the extremely funny Youtube comedy series The Most Popular Girls in School, which is basically grown men playing with Barbies. Plus a great Report Card and shoutouts to our devoted Likers!

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Super Bowl Blackout Madness

In the open, Alpine talks about some of his favorite tweets of the Super Bowl blackout:

Oreo and its ad agency 360i made a big splash with this social media ad, released minutes after the blackout:

And then there’s the adventures of the LASTMAN competitors — guys who are trying to go as long as possible without finding out who won the Super Bowl — becoming the “last man” in America to possess “the Knowledge” about the Ravens’ victory.

Internet Report Card

We open the report card by talking about Bang With Friends, a new app that promises to connect you with Facebook friends who are “down to bang.” 

The idea is actually pretty brilliant, but the execution is sketchy. The creators seem kinda dumb and/or douchey — do we really want to trust someone with the email address “” with personal information about our bang preferences?

Thanks to Liker Per for tipping us off about this app!

Noted Internet genius zefrank created this magical clip about the little-known, highly-freaky creature, the tarsier. 

This animal is 100% real, lives in Asia, and looks like a Star Wars creature. This video is amazing.

Agency Wank is a tumblr that highlights the worst of the worst in ad agency website copy.

You’d think the people who do this stuff for a living would do a great job with their own sites and brands…but you’d be wrong. Unfortunately the blogger looks to have been scared off the internet by his angry peers, but the collection housed on the site is still worth more than a few good laughs.

Our Musical Guest

Brooklyn band Widowspeak has been a favorite of this website since their self-titled debut, with an entry in our Best of 2011 countdown noting, “I’m all in on songs like ‘In the Pines’ and ‘Gun Shy.’ They sound like the music that’d be playing on the soundtrack as our heroes head off to an epic and possibly disastrous showdown in the third act of the film. Put it this way, blood will be spilt.”

Now the band, composed of singer Molly Hamilton and axeman Robert Earl Thomas, have returned with their second album Almanac. It’s righteously awesome, blending gorgeous western-styled country rock with Brooklyn cool and a creepy malevolence that lurks just below the surface.

Check out Widowspeak’s Bandcamp for tunes, Like ’em on Facebook and follow ’em on Twitter.

Internet Challenge Surprise

Like half the internet, we just discovered the magic of The Most Popular Girls In School, a webseries that’s been running since 2011 and is currently building up a ton of buzz heading towards its 2nd season. As Know Your Meme points out, this show’s popularity exploded in January through an orgy of reblogging and spinoff humor on Tumblr.

Here’s the masterful first episode, which launches a 13-ep run of absurdity and hyper-quotability:

This amazing show is primarily the creation of Mark Cope, Carlo Moss and Lily Vonnegut, but features a brilliant cast of voice actors and amusingly modified dolls.

What’s more, you can interact with the characters on social media! Follow McKenzie Zales and Deandra the New Girl on Twitter; become friends with Brittnay Matthews on Facebook; or email Belinda the Lunch Lady ( And of COURSE the girl everyone hates, Rachel Tice, uses Google Plus!

We applaud the TMPGIS crew and look forward to season 2! Like them on FB for updates.

Not A Match: Brian Donovan

We’re joined by Brian Donovan, creator of and veteran of over 100 internet dates, to talk about his many crazy experiences dating online and the wisdom of his new book, Not A Match. 

You certainly need to hear this conversation to appreciate it, but we hit the following subjects:

  • A “performative reading” of the chapter where Brian describes his attempt to break up with Betty, The Girl Who Drank Too Much
  • The crazy, intense questions that OK Cupid members have to answer to go on dates
  • Alison’s thoughts on the girl who dumped Brian for being unable to dance
  • One very personal story that didn’t make the cut in Brian’s online dating memoirs
  • How Brian ended up turning an anonymous blog into a book
  • The excitement of topping Terry Francona on the sales charts
  • Brian’s terror of the people who live on the other side of his bedroom wall


It’s a mere three bucks and highly approved by Alpine and Alison, both of whom laughed uproariously all the way through.

Follow Brian on Twitter, read him at Thought Catalog, or follow his site on Facebook and Twitter!

Shoutout to the Likers!

Our Liker of the Fortnight is Liker Brad N “from the Internets” (actually, Austin) — he found our podcast on Stitcher and has been a reliable contributor ever since! Thanks to Brad for being such a loyal Liker and one of the pillars of the “Posts By Others” section on our FB page.

Other Likers we shout out to this episode:

  • Liker Jeff H in LA added clutch commentary to the Bang With Friends discussion.
  • The guys from Kissing Contest found a great tumblr collecting reactions from the baffled young fools who can’t dome why the great Stone Roses would be asked to headline Coachella.
  • Liker Mitchell and his crew from Grey Pop Productions, who sent along their T’eo-themed Catfish parody.

Thanks for listening!

Thanks to Nick Dierl from Life or Death PR for musical assistance.
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