This Month in GIF [October 2011]

Another month has passed us by. ROTI turned 3 years old. We cracked the illustrious (not really) 200,000 pageview plateau. Now it’s time again for one of your favorite features, This Month in GIF.

C. Dave and I have conferred, and these are the finest GIFs we have discovered in the past 30 days…

As usual, we drew from all the GIF aggregator sites, the land of Tumblr, and the darkest depths of comment sections. As always, please send along any GIF magic you may discover for our supercommittee’s consideration.

Go Time!

I Would Greenlight a Movie Based on This Scene Alone

Halloween Is Coming!

I’m weirdly into this.

Lightly Steamed Adorbs

Scarier than The Human Centipede:

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