This Month in GIF [November 2011]

This Month in GIF returns! Rejoice, denizens of the intertubes.

The magnificence above is the first-ever ROTI GIF creation, hand-crafted to celebrate one of the best campaign ads ever, and especially the terrifying moment at its conclusion that Daily Intel described as “Herman Cain is closing the curtains behind him at a shady motel, turning slowly, and making that creepy smile at a scared prostitute on the bed.”

As usual, C. Dave helped gather great GIFfage, and thanks also to Major Beans and LA Nicholson for helping me screen the semifinalists. Easily the most difficult cut of all, this month’s list of contenders was incredibly deep and varied, with over four dozen GIFs ending up on the cutting room floor. (I estimate at this point, my hard drive is about 60% GIF.)

Enough talk, it’s GIF time! [PLEASE NOTE: Things get a little NSFW (boobs) towards the end.]

Cat and Mouse

Beard Slap!

The WhiffNatural

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