FOTI #4: Mozart Hologram Headlines Coachella

New podcast is up!

In this episode, Alpine and Alison investigate the power of Youtube to make everyone cry and find out about the worst hotel in the world. Plus, our special guest Jeni Sue joins us to discuss California’s famous music festival turned Instagram fashion show, Coachella. With music from Sydney Wayser. Definitely our best edition yet!

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We’re continuing our tradition of leaking out the topics on our @FOTIpod Twitter account the night before the show is posted, so you can check out all the sites and links before you hear the discussion, if being fully-informed is your thing. Regardless, you’ll find all the info you need right here in this post.

To the links! The tweets we posted last night are below — plus bonus links.

Report Card

Here’s the clip that reduced Alison to a salty puddle — “Last Minutes with ODEN.”

And of course, the incredible ad itself — click through to view full-size.

Jalopnik reported today that the two guys have hooked up with a friendly high-school shop teacher who will take a shot at fixing this majestic ride.

For a wide variety of Friendzone Johnny images, check out Quickmeme.

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