Not that this is any of our business, BUT…


GIZMODO, which has to be the world-record-holder for frequent updating, has been on fire with informative posts this week, while most other websites are hitting the snooze button until 2009.

They are presently running a very interesting item about Steve Jobs’ apparently declining health, while saying out the other side of their mouth that “his health is none of our business of course!” Apparently the REAL issue is Apple’s fibbing…

According to a previously reliable source, Apple misrepresented the reasons behind MacWorld and Jobs’ keynote cancellation. Allegedly, the real cause is his rapidly declining health. In fact, it may be even worse than we imagined:

“Steves health is rapidly declining. Apple is choosing to remove the hype factor strategically vs letting the hype destroy apple when the inevitable news comes later this spring.

This strategic loss will be less of a bang with investors. This is why MacWorld is a no-go anymore. No more Steve means no more hype. Saying they are no longer needing [MacWorld] is the cover designed by the worldwide “loyalty” department.”

This source has repeatedly been 100% correct before. Those times, however, were always related to news and images of unreleased Apple products. I can only hope that, in this more personal matter, it is absolutely wrong. And that if he is not, that sentence just means that Steve Jobs is retiring according to his plan.

While Steve Jobs’ health is nobody’s business—not the press, not investors, not the public—we believe that there’s a line between saying “no-comment” and plainly misleading—once again—the public.

Steve Jobs have been giving MacWorld Expo keynotes since he came back as interim CEO of the company in 1997. Since then he has never failed once, always introducing notable products both at MacWorld San Francisco and MacWorld New York. During his latest MacWorld keynote, in 2008, he introduced the MacBook Air. Later this year, he used his WWDC presentation to announce the new iPhone 3G. In his last two show-n-tells, for the new iPods and the new MacBooks, he used less time on stage, giving more limelight to key members of Apple’s executive team.

According to our Deep Throat’s report, the fact seems to be that, whether or not Apple had other reasons to pull out of MacWorld, they weren’t the only ones, and they certainly weren’t the same ones used for not putting Steve Jobs through the ordeal of a two-hour presentation.

Leaving aside Gizmodo’s attempt to have it both ways here, the fact that Jobs has been ailing has been common knowledge for some time now.

But a “rapidly declining” Steve Jobs would throw a giant monkey wrench into the future of one of the most successful corporations out there right now.

If you’ve played Gizmodo’s version of Choose Your Own Adventure (“You are the CEO of Apple“) – and we have, being the CYOA addicts we are – you know that there aren’t a lot of good options in the Year 1 After Steve.

So as Apple has advanced to capture an increasingly large slice of the PC market share pie, while rolling out awesome hardware for music and telephony, their worldwide dominance is on a bit of a precipitous ledge right now. The company has only ever kicked ass with Steve Jobs leading the way.

Yeah so this is a little depressing.

No worries, Gizmodo to the rescue with hilarious photoshops! Here’s an LOL-inducing one taken from an Olympic wrestling match…


Thanks Gizmodo for helping us survive this sparsely-blogged holiday week!

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