The One With Dick Schmoker [Roundup]

This is a new, occasionally recurring feature here at ROTI. We’re currently receiving an avalanche of tips, for which we are most grateful. Thank you, readers, for passing along the juiciest rumors you’ve discovered out there on the Internets.

Sometimes these tips don’t quite manifest themselves into full articles, so we’ll be roundin’ up these dogies into super-posts on occasion…


The intrepid and invaluable C. Dave sent along this amusing tale about a Midwestern literacy patron with a gigglesome name…

LINCOLN — A gift from a Minnesota couple will help take a five-year-old reading clinic at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to the next level.

The UNL clinic — which began operating in 2004 to help youngsters who struggle with reading — has been named the Kit and Dick Schmoker Reading Center in honor of the donors, who gave $1 million to create an endowment to help support the program.

Catherine “Kit” Schmoker, a graduate of the former Teachers College at UNL, is a member of a Lincoln banking family that owned the former National Bank of Commerce.

She and her husband, Dick, a retired attorney, live in Edina, Minn.

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