FOTI #3: Billion Dollar Texts from James Joyce

New podcast is up! In this episode, Alpine and Alison discuss the viral sensation Texts from Hillary; explain the Facebook $1B buy of Instagram in about ten minutes; and ask the eternal question, “Who Said It? James Joyce or Kool Keith?”

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A new thing we’re trying out is to leak out the discussion topics the night before the podcast drops on our Twitter feed, for those folks that like to have all the sites in mind before they hear the discussion!

To the links! The tweets we posted last night are below — plus bonus links.

Thanks to @Turbotax for making this a favorite tweet!

Report Card

Here are the original photos from from Reuters and Time

And as a gift from the Internet gods to prove how vital our podcast is, one of the Texts from Hillary guys just got hired by Buzzfeed (whose hiring spree was discussed at length in our last episode). WE CAN HAZ PRESCIENCE.

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