This Month in GIF [Summer of GIF 2012]

This Month in GIF returns!

In keeping with our usual warm-weather laziness, this is the special (ie. long overdue) summer edition; thanks for your patience. For you GIF junkies out there who need a fix on a daily basis, may I recommend smash hit Tumblrs like WhatShouldWeCallMe, GIF Movie, Little Plastic Things and Reality TVGIFs, all of whom are represented in this collection. Top GIFsman C. Dave and I also pulled nominees from a wide variety of aggregators, message boards, etc.

OK, enough chitchat, it’s GIF time!


On a related note, the Knight of Flowers endorses Revlon.

Kitty Hugs > All Other Hugs

Pikachu knows where to find the best dance jams.

Michelle Tanner Tellin’ You Off

Where will YOU be when it strikes?

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