“Osama bin Laden’s Hideout Compound” — The Reviews Are In!

This evening, I discovered that Osama’s secret compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan is marked on Google Maps!

It’s listed as a Historical Landmark / Villa.

(Whoever added the photograph of the Bluths’ model home deserves a trophy.)

You can even write your own review of this charming establishment in the bustling exurbs of Islamabad. Many citizens of the Internets are taking the time to tell us about their experiences at the Hideout Compound.

Here are my favorites:

This was a huge disappointment; this bed -and-breakfast is overrun with rude, muscular and heavily armed American crusaders! I strongly recommend the lavish Blood of the Martyrs Cave Complex in North Waziristan or the five-star 72 Virgins Hotel in Quetta if you really need to get away from the pressures and stresses of running an international terrorist organization. Oh, those tiresome, infernally noisy American crusaders and their damned helicopters and Christian burials! The infidels have no respect for privacy and simply TRASHED this place in no time as though they were rock stars or Charlie Sheen!

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