“Hobo Christmas” and the Genius of jeebus

I’m pleased to report that not only does my favorite Internet comedy posse, jeebus, have a new video out — they have just debuted one of the greatest Christmas songs ever written. Or should I say, resurrected it?

Wait, you really don’t remember that time back in the 80s (or was it 90s?) when all those famous stars got together to record “Hobo Christmas”?! I’m sure this video will jog your memory!

I officially have a new favorite Christmas song.

If this is your first time experiencing the magic of jeebus, then I have a real treat for you today.

jeebus is a web-based comedy crew led by Neil Hopkins (best known for playing Liam Pace on Lost) and John Forest (who recently drew praise from both ROTI for his work in Wanting Alex and Patton Oswalt for his work in Young Adult). Hopkins usually portrays the bewildered straight man, and Forest is the irreverent, maniacal comic relief; but as their efforts have continued, these roles have broadened amusingly. Each episode usually features a guest star turning in a superb performance.

Pretty much every video they have done is riotously weird, and is guaranteed to crack you up. Unless you’re a real elderly librarian sourpuss, you’re gonna love this.

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