Female Marines Get Around

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[UPDATE: We would have deleted this embarrassing article by now, but we feel that the ass-kicking we received in the comments was worthy of preservation.]

A startling new study from the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) reveals the incontrovertible truth: a fair number of female Marine recruits have a penchant for drugs and a serious case of condom scorn!

Conclusions: A significant proportion of young women entering the Marine Corps present with [sexually transmitted infections (STIs)] and/or recent sexual behavior that put them at risk for acquiring STIs despite high group means for prevention skills. Deficiencies in STI/HIV knowledge and motivation to reduce risk (denoted by negative attitudes towards condom use and acceptance of the connection between sex and substance abuse) are possible targets for intervention.

Now, calm yourselves skeptics, because unlike many of the other blogs that are pushing this story, we actually read the full report, bylined by the sexily named Cherrie B. Boyer, PhD.

Concerned about sample size? 94.2% of incoming female recruits participated.

Think a few slutty apples spoiled the whole damn bunch? 81% of those participating reported a history of sexual experience, thereby forming the relevant study sample.

You some kind of bigot who think certain ethnicities give it up more often than others? This sample was racially balanced (50% white, 25% Hispanic, 20% African-American, 5% other).

Convinced that things aren’t like they used to be in the demure good old days, and everyone, uniformed or not, is a nympho now? “The overall STI rate (14.1%) is far above the highest value reported by any population-based study of adolescent and young women (8.0%) from the National Survey of Family Growth.”

There’s no two ways about it. Quite a few of the young women joining the armed forces these days are skanks – condom-declining, heavy-drug-abusing, multiple-partner-boning…

No doubt many Marine recruits are paragons of moral virtue. However, there are also those described in the following excerpts:

Those in the highest quartile of STI risk scores were significantly more likely to be younger, single, have more knowledge about STIs, have less positive condom attitudes, have perceptions of higher STI risk, agree with statements that sex is more likely/enjoyable under the influence of alcohol, and be heavy alcohol and drug users in the month before recruit training entry.


It is very encouraging that young women in this study correctly assessed and reported their risk for STIs. However, it is also evident that their perception of STI risk was not related to a reduction in sexual risk behavior.


In conclusion, young women enter recruit training for the military with high levels of STIs and increased risk for acquisition of STIs including sex under the influence of alcohol and drugs, sex with a risky partner, and infrequent condom use. The persistence of these behaviors after the completion of recruit training may undermine the combat readiness of these young women early in their military service.

There you have it! America is at risk because these ladies cannot behave themselves!

Prisoner-torturing, public-sex-having, getting-preggers-while-on-active-duty Lynndie England was no outlier…seems our military forces are pervaded by lovers of strange, risky dong…


There’s also this nugget…

However, even after adjusting for the effect of STI risk score, our results indicated the importance of the race/ethnicity of the participant’s last sexual partner and the location of the participant’s home residence. These findings are consistent with previous research that describes the importance of social and sexual network influences such as male sexual partnerships and geographically defined areas of disease risk.


Yeah we’re not touching that one with a ten-foot pole. No pun intended. MOVING ON…

We’ve been around the block enough times to expect to find down-and-dirty behavior everywhere we look, if we only look hard enough. When Governors are banging hookers and Congressmen are lustily chasing same-sex pages, it can hardly be a shock that foot soldiers are screwing their brains out while wasted.

And we don’t think anyone is going to dispute our guess that male Marines are probably even worse.

Still, next time you hear a politician or TV host mouthing platitudes about the fine moral values of our military men and women, just keep in mind that if you get into the sack with one, YOU BEST WRAP IT UP.


UPDATE: We were completely and utterly taken to task on this one by LCpl S., who rightly pointed out that this was a completely irresponsible piece of writing that unfairly misrepresented the moral character of thousands of fine lady Marines. Since this commentary beatdown was long overdue we feel it’s our responsibility to concede the following points: (1) Once the subset of all recruits who behaved in a way described as “slutty” in this post actually joined the armed services, it’s likely they began adhering to a stricter code of conduct – thus the title of the post is misleading and likely inaccurate. (2) Lynddie England is no Marine, not literally, not figuratively, is not now, never was. It’s a dis on any group to include her in it, even by implication, so we apologize for that one. (3) Regardless of whom you are hitting it with, everyone should wrap it up. Three excellent points that our obnoxious drive-by analysis completely failed to consider. Thanks for your comment, LCpl S., which was far more well-considered than this incendiary-for-the-sake-of-being-incendiary post probably deserved.

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