“A God Named Pablo”: Spandex, Sonnets and a Sexy Sphinx [Part Two]

In part one of this epic narrative, Jake James found out he was a demigod, gained a brother, lost his dreamgirl, found a new one, and was tasked by Zeus, aka Pablo, with finding the mythical Golden Fleece in order to restore Olympus.

The next five episodes introduce some great plot twists and some of my favorite characters. What started promisingly actually gets better as events accelerate! So let’s do this.

#6: “I Love Lucy and the Shakespeare Shakedown”

“Snapple, Bill? Really, fucking Snapple?”

In this episode, Lucy and Jake get closer while Scarlett and Cal have a tempestuous love/hate scene. I don’t watch “A God Named Pablo” for the romance, but hang in there, because it all becomes pretty integral to the plot. Unless of course you’re a big fan of romance in your web video, in which case you will love this episode.

To me though, this ep is a keeper because of the introduction of Charles Pasternak’s William “Billy” Shakespeare. So THIS is the mysterious Billy we’ve heard so much about.

Now, it seems utterly random to include Shakespeare in a narrative about Greek Gods in Los Angeles, but I enjoy Pasternak’s performance enough that I am completely willing to suspend my skepticism. His delivery of “That sucked!” gets a laugh from me every time.

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