“A God Named Pablo”: Magnificent Modern Mythology [Part One]

Thoughout the centuries, artists and writers have turned to Greek mythology for inspiration. Recently, a group of filmmakers and actors in Los Angeles led by Jeff Hirbour have done the same, with superlative results.

In A God Named Pablo, the Olympian gods descend on Los Angeles when a portal briefly opens, offering them the opportunity to obtain the mythic Golden Fleece. There, they reveal to Jake James, the everyman protagonist, that he’s actually half god. And the hijinks begin.

While I haven’t totally figured out the plot yet, its clever twists and turns have kept me completely engrossed. AGNP features a gang of talented and entertaining actors who bring every scene to life and turn even the most preposterous scenario into an occasion for laughs. Hirbour’s entertaining scripts are complemented by quality production values. This is a cut above the usual web series.

I highly recommend that you check it out.

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