I Feel Sorry For Rob Fusari

Songwriter/producer Rob Fusari has had a pretty nice career. He’s written memorable hits for a variety of artists and had a couple of #1 records.

He got his big break penning Destiny’s Child’s debut single, then went on to produce one of Will Smith’s biggest and most obnoxious hits.

He’s the mastermind behind “Bootylicious,” one of the greatest guilty-pleasure singles of all time.

Recently, he had his biggest professional success yet, when he helped a young musician named Stefani Germanotta become the worldwide superstar Lady Gaga. Apparently, he smashed her as well.

Unfortunately, the entertainment biz is a tough world, especially when you start stirring the company ink with your peen. Lady Gaga kicked Fusari to the curb and now he’s on the outside looking in.

So Rob Fusari decided to sue Lady Gaga for $30 million in what looks like a pretty frivolous lawsuit.

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