Billy Baldwin is Delightful in “The Craigslist Killer”

Our series on the best music of 2010 continues all week, but allow me this interlude to praise Billy Baldwin’s performance in the latest feature film from Lifetime, a network whose movies are an ongoing obsession of this webzone.

Lifetime’s examination of the crimes of Philip Markoff, “The Craigslist Killer,” is another entertaining entry in the network’s long line of superbly cheesy melodramas.

Suffice it to say that Jake McDorman does an admirable job of portraying murderous psycho Markoff, and the film ably plays up the tale in the overwrought style that Lifetime is famous for. I could regale you with descriptions of the entertaining scenes in this film — for example, the scene in which Markoff takes pictures of his dong in the bathroom while his innocent fiancee Megan McAllister sleeps — but given that this is based on a true story in which one girl got killed and another got her life ruined, it just seems in bad taste.

If you’re evil, you will find the entire film entertaining. But even if you’re not, you have to love the performance delivered in this film by one William “Billy” Baldwin, who plays hardened Bawston cop Detective Bennett, the lead investigator on the case.

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