That poetry is SO mannered

As gas prices have driven more and more people to use public transportation, the little annoyances of taking subways, buses and trains have been dramatically magnified; so now when the subway crawls at 5 miles an hour over the under-construction bridge, it’s also jam packed with teeming hordes of your gross fellow man.

In Boston, the woeful MBTA has decided that the main problem isn’t that the trains are always late and they stop running obscenely early, it’s a lack of civility among the ridership. So they’ve decided to address this issue head-on – with really, really lame rhyming couplets!

Bostonist retorts, “Yes, it’s true–the T thinks some adorable little signs will help us nasty Boston folk learn to ride the rails in a way that doesn’t ruin everyone’s day. Unfortunately, the MBTA marketing masterminds seem to have forgotten the #1 rule of public transportation: when someone makes your commute crappy, throw some bad behavior right back at ’em. There’s the passive-aggressive bag bump, the oblivious failure to move into an empty car, the backpack-on-the-seat dis, the oops-I-spilled-my-Dunkin-on-you, and–our favorite–the perpetually perturbing stand-square-in-front-of-an-open-seat move. All of these tactics are based on one principle: being wholly indifferent to others’ needs. It’s not that we don’t know what to do, it’s that we just don’t care.”

Moreover, as the majority of the commenters on the story point out, the T employees are the biggest assholes riding the subways and buses anyway.

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