“The single greatest photo ever taken in sports”

Dan LeBatard bestowed the above honor upon this hilarious picture of KU football coach Mark Mangino and the Orange Bowl mascot on Pardon the Interruption this evening. When Wilbon protested that this was “cold,” LeBatard countered, “It’s not cold, it’s beautiful!”

This arose in a discussion of Mangino’s intercession to stop students from chanting “Rip his f—ing head off” after kickoffs. He sent the entire student body a video email. Is it condescending to congratulate Kansas on its techsavviness?

Wilbon concluded by stating, “Does he have the iconic stature to tell the kids, stop dropping the f-bomb? Joe Paterno has that, does Mark Mangino have that? Great coach…I don’t know if they’re gon’ stop.”

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