The Taste of Dirty Water

old absolut ad

Ever wondered what the flavor of Boston would be?

I’m guessing two parts swamp water from the old Mill Pond, ample splash of Old Mr. Boston Colonialist Oppressor Gin, heaping spoonful of bitters and season to taste with Mayor Tom Menino flop sweat.

Well, Absolut Vodka begs to differ

This past Wednesday, Absolut Vodka unveiled its newest flavor- Absolut Boston. That’s right, folks, we have our very own vodka flavor, and before you ask, no it doesn’t taste like the Charles. Absolut has decided that black tea and elderflower are the essence of Boston infused in vodka…

Mmkay…black tea and elderflower, eh? I guess it’s a shoutout to the good old Tea Party, but it just seems a little too joyous a blend to represent.

Cool bottle, though:

There should at least be a little bit of Boston Harbor detritus floating around in there, for realism’s sake. Am I right??

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