FOTI #2: What’s Your Blood Meridian Dating Style?

Fortnight on the Internets returns with our second episode!

In this episode, Alpine and Alison discuss the sadness behind March Madness, the magic of Peter Pan’s Home Page, the growing ambitions of, and a video of a young Nine Inch Nails performing on Dance Party USA.

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Special thanks to Turquoise Jeep Records for giving us permission to use their amazing music on this podcast. Keep the Jeep Ridin’ and follow them on Twitter! Their brilliant work includes “Why I Gotta Wait,” “Sex Syrup,” and “Lemme Smang It,” which was discussed in detail in an earlier ROTI post.

Flynt Flossy, known across the nation. Smash and bang is his favorite combination.

As always, thanks to Snowplows for the kickass theme. Buy that rad track plus a dope B-side for pocket change!

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