The 25 Most-Played Songs on My iPod Before It Died

I got an iPod in 2005 and named it Carl Weathers. It served me faithfully until it died last fall, in a tragic drowning that I chronicled in this article about Ween deep cuts.

In its five-year lifespan, twenty-five songs received the most “plays” — that is, times listened to in their entirety — of all the thousands of songs that I loaded onto the device.

These are those songs.

25. “Skew It On The Bar-B” — Outkast feat. Raekwon (91 plays)

“Old school players to new school fools.” Three styles blending perfectly. Rae’s verse is fire.

24. “King of Carrot Flowers pt 1” — Neutral Milk Hotel (92 plays)

The passionate vocals, melodic heft, cool instrumentation and powerful lyrics are an insanely potent combo. This video also includes parts 2 & 3, a little bonus for your enjoyment.

23. “Nature Springs” — The Good, The Bad and The Queen (93 plays)

Paul Simonon from the Clash on bass,  ridiculous Afropop drummer Tony Allen on drums, and The Verve’s Simon Tong on axe, with Danger Mouse behind the boards. It’s an exemplary case of Damon Albarn’s awesomeness. The whistle section at the end is so choice.

22. “Have You Seen Her Face” — The Byrds (94 plays)

It’s one of the tastiest tunes ever recorded by the Byrds, and that’s saying something.

21. “Summer Babe (Winter Version) — Pavement (95 plays)

If you don’t like Pavement, you might want to stop reading this now…

20. “Father to a Sister of Thought” — Pavement (96 plays)

The pedal steel playing on this track by erstwhile engineer Doug Easley is top-notch.

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