The One With Unfettered Hilarity [Facebook Roundup Weekend]

I haven’t done Facebook Roundups in a few months, so I’m compiling the best items from the ROTI Facebook Page into a series of posts for this weekend.

This is the first entry, with the funniest items I’ve come across since December dawned. Hope you have not recently been stitched up in the midsection, I assume no liability for this.

The picture above? It’s the mugshot of a dude who allegedly swallowed an entire bag of cocaine.

ROTI reader Izzie B found this insanely amusing video from The Kelly Family.


Buzzfeed calls these “Unusable” stock photos. Au contraire, they seem very useful to me. Especially when you need to evoke the symbolism of “cakepillow.”

We’ve seen the Olsen Twins host a pizza party, and cringed when they assigned the only black person to wield the chicken drumstick. But it turns out this isn’t the only instance of Mary Kate and Ashley’s adorable racism:


Anyone who loved Making the Band 2 will enjoy this old Chappelle’s Show clip, in which he completely skewers reggae-rapper Dylan. Not that the guy had any talent to begin with, but Chappelle destroyed him for all time. He’s still out there trying to make it in the music business, but every other comment on his videos is “I rip and I rhyme, I rhyme and I rip!”


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