Patrick “Pai Mei” Willis Assassinates a Jet

Deadspin’s Rick Chandler has a post up that cleverly describes a hit that Patrick Willis of the 49ers put on Brad Smith of the Jets this weekend: “49ers’ Willis Employs Five Pointed Palm Exploding Heart Technique.”

The big question in San Francisco right now: Should Mike Singletary be kept on as head coach next season? The overwhelming sentiment so far is yes, although Jets’ wide receiver Brad Smith may not agree. If there were ever any doubt as to whether the 49ers would begin to take on Singletary’s rabid personality, this play should lay that to rest; as Patrick Willis did to Smith in the fourth quarter of San Francisco’s 24-14 win over the Jets on Sunday.

You can see Smith pop up from the hit initially, walk a few steps and then collapse; not unlike David Carradine’s demise in Kill Bill II. That killer instinct hasn’t been around these parts in a long time; it’s good to see.

For some reason there’s no video evidence included with the post, so we dug up the clip for your viewing pleasure:

Not shown in the clip: After the play, Chansi Stuckey gave Willis some lip, and P-Willi plucked out his eye…

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