PETA lunatic changes name to URL

The ASSOCIATED PRESS has the latest stunt from the meat-is-murder crowd.

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – You can call her, Cutout for short, but just don’t call her Jennifer.


The former Jennifer Thornburg — whose driver’s license now reads, Cutout — wanted to do something to protest animal dissections in schools.

The 19-year-old’s new name is also the Web address for an anti-dissection page of the site for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, where she is interning.

“I normally do have to repeat my name several times when I am introducing myself to someone new,” she told The Asheville Citizen-Times. “Once they find out what my name is, they want to know more about what the Web site is about.”

The Asheville High School graduate who’s working in Virginia said she began opposing dissections in middle school after a class assignment to cut up a chicken wing made her uncomfortable. She helped create a policy at her high school that allows students who object to dissections to complete an alternative assignment.

Despite her legally changing the name, she said most of her family members still call her Jennifer.

“It will take me a while,” said her dad, Duane Thornburg, who lives in Daytona Beach, Fla. “She’s still Jennifer to me. I understand why she’s done it. Believe it or not, I totally respect it.”

A CD showing the treatment of animals before they are dissected finally convinced him to support his daughter’s cause, he said.

An interview on the PETA BLOG reveals what a getting-to-know-you sesh with Ms. entails:

What have people’s reactions been to your name?

Cutout is one of those names that you have to say three times, spell out, and use in a sentence before people process it. Once people get my name down, they normally want to know why I changed it. This gives me a chance to tell them about the estimated six million animals used in high school dissection labs throughout the United States every year. Once people learn how the animals are gassed, pumped with formaldehyde, drowned or otherwise inhumanly killed for dissection, they are shocked and want to know what they can do to help.

Hey nice to meet you…What did you say your name was? Huh? Animals gassed and pumped with formaldehyde? Yeah…anyway I’ll just be leaving now…psycho…

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