Associated Press Disses Hamels, Babymama


The Associated Press reports:

PHILADELPHIA — Philadelphia Phillies starter Cole Hamels left the ballpark with his wife, a former “Survivor” contestant, who was in labor with the couple’s first child.

Hamels gave up four runs and seven hits in five innings against the Colorado Rockies in Game 2 on Thursday. He left after throwing 82 pitches and rushed out of the dugout when he was pinch-hit for in the fifth inning.

Hamels said this week his wife was due “any day.”

Hamels’ wife, Heidi, also posed for Playboy.

That is some cold shit, Associated Press! Not only does this item make Hamels look like he wasn’t focusing on his team’s playoff game…it calls his wife out for naked modeling at the end for no reason.

“Yo Hamels, AP called, they said your wife’s a tramp and you sir, are guilty of extreme uxoriousness!”

[picapp src=”0/a/3/1/PicImg_Phillies_MVP_Cole_526e.jpg?adImageId=4898407&imageId=4480103″ width=”234″ height=”343″ /]

That’s not cool, AP. While we can’t entirely endorse Hamels’ preoccupied play and shameful flight from the ballgame, the crack on his wife for her Playboy gig was not well worded.

At all.

Hopefully this will turn into an internet meme and a cataclysm of overreactional outrage will manifest itself to my great amusement!

Even the crazed denizens of the “Conversation” were unanimous in their outrage:


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