Poop Cross

Back in the 80s, photographer Andres Serrano got a lot of heat for dunking a little plastic crucifix in a glass of pee and calling it art.

This past week, an temporarily-anonymous Los Angeleno decided that a new century requires a more intense and public level of blasphemy.

So he climbed atop a rusty, sagging cross affixed to the West Bethel Presbyterian Church on La Brea Boulevard, stripped off his clothes, and smeared his caca on the cross.

Move over, Piss Christ.

Navid ______ presents his new work of performance art, Poop Cross.

poop cross 1

Actually, news reports like the one from the LA DAILY NEWS suggest that this individual was disturbed and suicidal, not an artist, but sometimes people with mental problems make the very best art of all…

LOS ANGELES – A naked, suicidal man clung to a rusted roof cross on top of a large two-story church in the Fairfax-Park La Brea area of the city for seven hours Sunday before negotiators were able to convince him to come down.

The unidentified man, believed to be 25 years old, climbed up on top of the rusted metal cross about 8 a.m., Los Angeles Fire Department spokeswoman d’Lisa Davies said.

Los Angeles Police Department negotiators and Fire Department personnel responded at 8 a.m. to the church located at 5284 W. 9th St. in an attempt to talk the man down from the cross about 50 feet up in the air, Davies said.

They had an air cushion on scene in case he jumped, Davies said. The department also used two aerial ladder trucks with the ladders extended to try to talk him down.

She said the cross was rusted and the firefighters didn’t want to add any additional pressure on it. The man came down just after 3 p.m. and was taken into custody for mental evaluation, Davies said.

Photographer Jonathan Alcorn was there and captured it all with his lens:







The identity of the crazy man / artist is still unknown, although some intriguing comments on LAist suggest his name is Navid something:

RamonDestroys said:

Um. That looks A LOT like my friend Navid that I haven’t seen in a couple of years…

After checking the photos on Jonathan Alcorn’s site, I’m fairly certain that is my friend.

I really hope he is alright.

Panasonicyouth said:

Yep, that is definitely Navid, Ramon.

WHAT THE FUCK. I just spoke with him three weeks ago!

Defacing a church is a felony, and apparently this young man will face the charge.

Hopefully he works out whatever issues are troubling him enough to risk life and limb in such a manner, deal with the criminal charges, and get the help he needs.

But in the meantime, we’ve got a new artistic masterwork on our hands.

If it turns out this guy received any grant money from the government to smear poop on religious symbols, expect the Moral Majority to go ape tits anytime now.

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