The One With Thought-Provoking Shiznit [Facebook Roundup Weekend]

I haven’t done Facebook Roundups in a few months, so I’m compiling the best items from the ROTI Facebook Page into a series of posts for this weekend.

In this final entry, I offer you an assortment of superb articles and videos that will expand your mind and fertilize your soul.

There’s only one place to begin: A Liz Taylor tribute, and while we’re at it, a Paul Newman tribute as well. Two insanely talented actors who also happened to be ridiculously good looking. Rest in peace, you two.

The New York Review of Books is easily the best periodical known to man, and not just for its academic bitch-fights in the letters section, or the most erudite personal ads you’ll ever read. The consistently superb writing makes the NYRB well worth the price. A recent issue contained a Janet Malcolm review of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” that is hilarious, incisive, sensitive and thoughtful. It’s one of the best pieces of criticism that I’ve read in a long time.

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