FOTI #41: Batkid To The Rescue!


Fortnight on the Internets is summoning the smallest caped crusader!

Happy Thanksgiving! On this episode, Batkid saves San Francisco, a random dancing dude puts Bon Jovi back on the pop charts — four years in the future, and a Brooklyn rooftop breakup is livetweeted. With music from Tonight Sky, and lots of great contributions from our Likers!

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Internet Report Card

We were thrilled with the offerings of the Internets this fortnight, and praised all three of our items!

#1. Batkid

San Francisco became Gotham City for a day to help 5 year old Miles Scott live out his Make a Wish dream of being “Batkid.” After fighting leukemia since the age of 2 and battling that mother into remission, the criminal plans of the Penguin and the Riddler were no match for his abilities. Originally planned on a relatively small scale, this event blew up through the spread of the #SFBatkid hashtag and huge crowds turned out to cheer Batkid on as the Internet exploded with joy.

#2. Brooklyn Rooftop Breakup

Comedian Kyle Ayers “live tweeted” an epic Brooklyn breakup that our Likers loved. Rachel won everyone’s sympathy, but Guy had all the good lines. Although the NTAI rule (Never Trust an Internet) applies here, the verisimilitude is undeniable and this is great work regardless.

#3. Random Celtics Fan Throws Bon Jovi Up The Pop Charts

Jeremy Fry seized the day when the dance cam pointed at him during a Celtics game in 2009. The video went viral, then everyone forgot about it. THEN the video was reposted four years later, went HUGELY viral, and under the new rules of the Billboard charts — “Livin’ on a Prayer” shot up the Hot 100! Behold the glory of the Internets!

Our Musical Guest: TONIGHT SKY


It’s getting cold outside — time for some WARM, delightful ambient pop. Jason Holstrom, known for the Seattle groups Wonderful and United State of Electronica (U.S.E.), has put out this great record full of West Coast reveries and flickering gems. He recorded Tonight Sky at his home studio, The Cabana (!). He fuses everything from Beach Boys harmonies, to Paul Simon melodies, to electronic vibes reminiscent of some of our favorite musicians like Brothertiger. Pick up this record right away!

Like Tonight Sky on Facebook and feel the warmth.

Internet Challenge Surprise!

Ask Metafilter user a box and a stick and a string and a bear brought a request to the Metafilter community that called forth a crowdsourced geyser of amazing 80s music videos:

Just saw “Total Eclipse of the Heart” for the first time. More, please. While settling a disagreement over whether Total Eclipse of the Heart was a duet, I just saw the music video and it blew my mind. I grew up without cable, and am pretty much ignorant of everything but the “classic” music videos from the 80’s; please let me know what I’m missing. Things that I’m looking for more of: packing massive spectacle into a <10 minute film, baroque/over-the-top interpretations of the song, general WTF’ery, defining/redefining/subverting the aesthetics of a young art form, examples of music videos that were very influential on feature film-making.

There are dozens of classics shouted out on the thread, but here are a few of our favorites.

Also, Jim Steinman — and Meat Loaf, and Michael Bay!!

Snapchat Rejects $3B Cash Offer. WTF?


It was about five minutes ago that we were stunned to see Instagram sold for $1B in cash and Facebook stock. Now comes news that popular teen-texting app Snapchat TURNED DOWN $3B in cash from Zuckerberg — and may have turned down $4B from Google! We try to unpack what the heck this app is all about, what makes it so popular, why its CEO is holding out for a better deal, and why some people think it’s going to be impossible to monetize Snapchat’s popularity.

Shoutout to the Likers!

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Once there, you’ll be treated to the posts from our co-conspirator Jeni Sue, or as we like to call them, J. Sue Gems. This fortnight she brought us a delightful treasury of bad taxidermy examples.  Spoiler alert – a lot of what makes these bad comes down to one thing:  eyeballs.

Other Likers that distinguished themselves this fortnight include:

  • Likers C. Dave and Doan independently and near-simultaneously submitted the Bob Dylan “Like a Rolling Stone” interactive video that Alpine dubbed “one of my favorite things on the Internet this year.”
  • Liker Texas Andrew W. submitted a gallery of terrifying children from advertising yesteryear we invited you to peruse IF YOU DARED!!!
  • Likers Luck E. D. and Brett W. turned us on to a Soundcloud page promising “Best Drops Ever,” featuring songs that start out as house/electonica/trance jam, and as it reaches bass drop territory, it turns into something else completely, such as a Nickelback song, or audio from the scene where Bambi’s mother gets shot.
  • Liker Nate M. posted the viral video entitled “Seventh Grade Softcore,” in which a 7th grade girl reads her Ashton-Kutcher-centric fan fiction, and Liker Alisha B. then discerned that it was a taped comedy sketch based off a McSweenys entry, prompting Alpine to comment, rightly, that “THE LIKER MATRIX IS SELF-AWARE!”
  • Liker James B.P. at least TRIED to quiet our nightmares about the video posted by of an “unidentified sea monster captured on an oil rig camera” by finding a report that it’s just a massive breed of jellyfish…even though we still find that massively horrifying.
  • Liker Jeff H. had the ONE note that would have maybe redeemed the Breaking Bad “it was all a dream from Malcolm in the Middle” alt ending viral video: “This was so lame. It’s criminal they didn’t work in a Frankie Muniz doing meth cameo.”

And our Liker of the Fortnight is Liker Sue K B for a SECOND TIME!!!  She has really taken us to some dark and twisted places this fortnight.  Between posting about the (possibly faked) Tale from the Crypt documenting the discovery that someone or some thing’s been living behind your bookshelf, AND then posting the oddly sublime visual poetry of a forgotten black dildo on a baggage carousel, she really brought it this fortnight!

Thanks to all likers for listening, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks to Annie Ostrowski from Riot Act Media for musical assistance.
Our theme song is by Snowplows.

Cover art by Vicious Rumors.

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